First, I promised a picture of the Shmocks.
Done with Blue Moon STR med weight in Loch Ness, Basic two at a time toe-up, plain foot, short row heel, and 4×1 ribbed cuff. He wears them, and asked all on his own about how to wash them, so I am guessing he likes them. I think they look a bit funky and am not sure what the hell I did to make the wraps so bulky, but they’ll be hid in his Doc’s most of the time, so it’s all good.

And now, the good stuff.
I have been aware of turtlegirl76 for a while now. After all, there really aren’t that many knitblogging turtle lovers out there, and the intartubes makes us more interconnected. But I don’t read her blog regularly, and in fact, I only stumble across it now and then, read a bit, and then continue on my merry way. But yesterday while perusing, I saw something that made me think, “Dear God! She’s fucking brilliant!” So, I am pointing you there today. Specifically I am telling you to click on her free patterns link on her header and then scroll down to number 5. Row Counters. Simple, easy, no brains involved row-counters.

Seriously. Go read. Download her tutorial and peruse it. I’ll wait.

So now that you are back… Neat, huh?
I made some last night.
I plan on making more.
Should I ever find myself in a swap again I will most definitely make some of these to give.
Hell, I may make some to give to random knitters I see on the street.
I like them that much.

3 Replies to “Ingenious.”

  1. I’ve never tried STR. Yours looks great; a good balance of colors and not that wicked pooling that some yarns have.

    That is a clever idea. But I am really trying to avoid picking up another craft. Tempting, though!

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