Long Summer

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This summer was a pile of poop. Life was really busy kicking my ass and the blog didn’t even enter my mind, and anything I had to say wouldn’t have been for public consumption even if I had. But I finished 2 hats and a pair of socks. For the socks, the 2nd one was […]

Some hats.

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I’ve been doing a little bit of knitting this spring/summer. Very little really, but enough to produce two hats. Both are the same yarn, because I liked it. :) Conversationalist hat in Knitcircus Ringmaster (worsted, Lambeau Leap) Parrotfish/Pomatomus Hat in Knitcircus Ringmaster (worsted, Beach Glass)

Bolting is finished! It only took 18 months and 4 days to do it. That’s not to say I was knitting that whole time. I wasn’t. For instance, I started the cast off back in September, and was just under halfway through it, and it sat there for months because I hated that fuzzy shit […]

Climb – Jane Richmond

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Holy shit I actually finished a knit! Two if you count them as individuals. After a long ban from homemade socks, shmoo managed to wheedle himself back into my good graces when I said I was knitting socks because I wanted a small project for our traveling, and my current shawl I’ve been working on […]

Bertrand Louis likes buns.

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I’ve finished my Bertrand Louis just one week after cutting my hair off at chin length again. Despite this, I am very happy with both the hairs that are cut and the resulting hat/cowl thing. I did normal brioche instead of half brioche and it is thick and stretchy and cuddly and yum. It’s a […]

Ok, as mentioned in my Thanksgiving Recipe post, I’ve had a perfectly good reason for not posting the majority of this year. I needed to move web-servers. We kept saying we were going to do it soon and then not doing it, and because it was going to happen “SOON” I didn’t want to add […]

First FO of the year.

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Though the cat is an undeserving bastard, I cranked this out today while watching the Packers and Lions play at the pub. Pattern is from knitty. ( http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring03/PATTdimsum.html ) I’ve also taken a bit of leftover white stockinette from where I changed up the Naughty Reindeer hat and used the sewing machine to whip up […]

Here’s the photos of the finished hat and the one armwarmer. I am semi-pleased with the hat. It’s awesome, and the concept is great, but I think it might be too small for Todd’s head with the reversible side in, and there’s some pulling on the patterning that I don’t care for, but it’s intarsia […]

I started socks, but they were too small so I had to frog and restart. I’ve gotten about 15 rows into the redo so far. I think I am going to rip out my hand-spun arm-warmers and change the pattern I am using and go again. I’ve found one I like better I think. I’ve […]

Ok, it’s not the first sweater I have knit, it’s true. I’ve done 3 baby sweaters and a kid’s sweater. But this is my first sweater for me! Also, my first adult sized sweater. It’s really quite overdue as a knitterly accomplishment in my opinion, but none of my previous attempts made me happy and […]

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