Last Monday, we got a ton of snow.

This was what my porch and trees looked like midmorning. And it still snowed a for several more hours.



The two days after it quit snowing, it was 7 and then 9 (F) when shmoo left for work and didn’t get much warmer.
I think the high that second day was 16.

During those cold days, I made shmoo wear the handspun cowl I had made, because he doesn’t like long scarves and wouldn’t wear one at all. He liked it, and I had some more Manos that matched a hat I had made him about 2 years ago, so I whipped him out a cowl. The two days I knit on the cowl, the temps were in the 70s and the high ended up being 78.

Of course. (Though it has since cooled again.)


And now, a week and a half later from the day we got around 8 inches of snow…. the trees are acting like it wasn’t super cold at all!


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  1. Don’t look at me, I don’t know what it’s doing from one day to the next. One day I’m scraping frost from the car, the next it’s T shirt weather.

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