I never drink water; that is the stuff that rusts pipes. ~W. C. Fields Tuesday, February 17th, seemed pretty normal for most of the day. Shmoo got home about 15 minutes before me, grabbed the dog and took her out back to potty. When he got downstairs, there was water EVERYWHERE. So when I got […]

of being sick and tired. January flew by with only one other small knit getting done, and that was just a new nalgene water bottle cozy. Nothing special there. I still don’t like the handle on it, so no photos yet. It’s the same yarn as the tea cozy so it’s pink/salmon handspun and I […]

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to those of you celebrating it. Happy whatever it is you celebrate to those of you who aren’t. I’d show you photos of the one finished arm warmer and the finished Naughty Reindeer hat, but both need to be washed and the hat blocked for sure. And I am worried it’s going to […]

Because honestly, I’ve lost my knitting mojo this month. It’s too damn hot and humid to do much, if any, knitting. And so I haven’t knit. What I have done however is go to two baseball games. So I shall tell you about those. The first was on July 4th. We went to see the […]

It was a beautiful sunny morning, and we were surrounded by close family, and even the porpoises put in an appearance. I couldn’t have asked for more. * – for you non geeky folks, the date, 10/10/10 (besides being incredibly easy to remember for those of us who are date impaired) has some geeky meaning. […]

Sick of Snow.

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So.. it snowed a lot in D.C. this past weekend. LIke.. 3 feet or so. Check this time lapse someone did of all the snow. This past weekend was also shmoocon. Which I wasn’t attending this year, but shmoo was going to, until he had to cover for people not showing up to work and […]

Seriously. It’s been a hard month. Daisy is fine btw, still some left side weakness but expected to recover fully. Her staples are out and she’s going to have a small scar, but that’s ok. It seems like you shouldn’t come through something like that without a scar. 2 feet of snow this past weekend. […]

(stay until your love is….) Sorry…. couldn’t resist Simple Minds. I’d like to have the time to post about how I feel now that I am officially in my mid-to-late 30s… (I hit 35 on black friday!) Or how I seem to be dealing with that by deciding to learn to play guitar. No idea […]

So, like.. it’s cold. Fall is definitively here and I just want to say, I’d like a little more of cool late summer back please! Vacation was good and much needed. I got yarn. 4932|400 4935|400 And new awesomely awesome shoes, which it is now too cold to wear…. 4926|400 And my mom caught a […]

First, I promised a picture of the Shmocks. 4086|400 Done with Blue Moon STR med weight in Loch Ness, Basic two at a time toe-up, plain foot, short row heel, and 4×1 ribbed cuff. He wears them, and asked all on his own about how to wash them, so I am guessing he likes them. […]

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