FO: Clapotis (3)

I finally got around to finishing my 3rd Clapotis. Made with Wool in the Woods Golddust in Lottery colors.
I am sorry if you are in love with this yarn just by seeing it, but it’s discontinued and has been for ages. I just knit that slowly.
There’s nothing I can say about this pattern that hasn’t been said so… have some photos instead.

This is how it normally looks, sitting on the back of my chair at work if/when I am not using it.

This is a coworker I talked into holding it up for me for a photo, because I was too short. To give you an idea of the length, he’s 6 foot. Can you believe I was going to put another ball of yarn on thing? And still would have if I hadn’t lost it.

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One thought on “FO: Clapotis (3)

  1. It is BEA-U-TI-FUL ! I made mine in a semi-solid and the variegated ones, like yours, are so much prettier… guess I’ll have to make another!

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