Long Summer

This summer was a pile of poop. Life was really busy kicking my ass and the blog didn’t even enter my mind, and anything I had to say wouldn’t have been for public consumption even if I had.

But I finished 2 hats and a pair of socks. For the socks, the 2nd one was knit almost exactly 10 years after the first one. That’s probably the worst case of Second Sock Syndrome I’ve ever had, but they are done now, and I like them so all good. Links to the Rav project pages with the photos if you want more specific details.


Some Baseball Spinning

So I’ve been spinning while watching baseball lately, mostly on the weekends, as weeknights it’s generally when we eat dinner, but still, spinning!

I’ve cleaned a few things off my bobbins by finishing up 2 spinning projects that have been going off an on for a few years now.
If you’re like me, you’re mostly just here for the photos, and I have put the pertinent details on the photos (click to embiggen if the writing is too small!), so I won’t repeat them here.

The pink stuff has been washed and set, the blue stuff has not, as you can see its loose photo, it’s all curly. It’s in the bath now.

Skeins and Details

Tequila Sunrise, 400 yds, worsted

Lagoon, thin green to thick blue, 281 yards

Fuzzy Lightning

Bolting is finished! It only took 18 months and 4 days to do it. That’s not to say I was knitting that whole time. I wasn’t. For instance, I started the cast off back in September, and was just under halfway through it, and it sat there for months because I hated that fuzzy shit I was using for the edging. Don’t get me wrong, I like how it looks, I just didn’t want to knit with it. At. All.

Most of the details on it can be found on Ravelry as usual. Specifically, here. And now I am onto other things. I’ve had a sock started in waiting I’ve got to work on, a mistake ribbed cowl cast on for simple mindless knitting, I want to cast on a double knit hat, and mug cozy. I’ll be impressed if I managed to get all 4 of these things done by this time next year, but we’ll see.

Happy Holidays and what have you!

Climb – Jane Richmond

Holy shit I actually finished a knit! Two if you count them as individuals.

After a long ban from homemade socks, shmoo managed to wheedle himself back into my good graces when I said I was knitting socks because I wanted a small project for our traveling, and my current shawl I’ve been working on for the past year is just too damn big to be drug around everywhere now easily.

So, he got socks.
If you are intersted in more than the photos, the Ravelry link is here:

If you just want to see them, then I got you covered.



Online Sheep and Wool.

This year MSW hit the same time it always does… the first full weekend in May.
The problem with that of course, was I was still pretty tired from the tonsil surgery, and we had Senators/Baysox games Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and I knew I would not be up to all 3 games and MSW.

So instead I had a mini woolfest of my own online! It took several weeks to get all the items in as some were on back order, and now I can’t be bothered to take photos of them because I put them away as I got them, but I’m still going to list and link them here for you to pursue if interested.

First I picked up the pattern and a yarn kit for The Joker and the Thief Shawl. I got color option #3, Bloom.

I also picked up 3 skeins of Madeline Tosh Merino Light in Stovepipe and Rozetti Wicked Fur Yarn in #104 Zebra from Paradise Fibers, which is now in the process of becoming a Bolting, the pattern for which I bought a few years ago and just never made. This particular yarn combo was inspired by this version I found on Ravelry.

I stumbled across bone dpns as well on the Fringe Supply Co. website and ordered a pair of US size 4s along with a Etta-Billie Skin Balm in Bergamot-Ginger.

And no MSW would be complete with out some sort of purchase from Signature Needle Arts. Since I wasn’t going to be there to find them in the main barn, I found them online and picked up a pair if US 5 dpns.

And that is the sum total of my Online Sheep and Wool fest. :)
Tomorrow Tour de Fleece is starting up, and I am still undecided on how much I am going to participate, but I am least going to try and get in an hour or so for the first day. After that, no promises!

MSW 2014

Another year, another Maryland Sheep and Wool.

I picked up all the fiber below as well as two bobbins for my Wooly Winder.


The stuff on the right is heaven. Naturally Chocolate colored Alpaca and Silk (70/30) and it’s heaven to touch and spin. I had some gray two years ago, and last year she (Gales’s Art) didn’t have any when I got there, so this year I snatched up 5 braids. (Seriously, snatched. The girl behind me ended up buying 2 because she heard me say I was tempted to just clean them out and take it all.) It’s very reasonably priced and just fabulous to touch. I am thinking a nice two ply to make a shawl with once I get it all spun up. But as I have several spinning projects to finish up first, it will be a while off.

2013 wrap up

I may have been a craptastic knitter most of the year, but I finished December strong.

I knit a shawl, crocheted a hat, and then on Christmas Eve whipped out a dog sweater.

The shawl was Shaelyn and I knit it for someone at work who was getting married.
She loved it.


The hat is named Blackburn and you can get the pattern for free from Craftsy or you can get a “kit” with the recommend yarn. It’s a quick hat, and I don’t really like wearing it, but the technique was new to me and I liked it quite a bit. It was interesting at least.


The dog sweater I just made up based on her measurements. I did a twisted rib where every stitch is twisted so it’s reversible because really, when putting her old crippled little body in a sweater, realizing it’s inside out just isn’t worth my time. She loves it. LOVES LOVES LOVES. She loves it so much and we had such a cold snap here, that the only photo I have is this one, as it’s drying after being washed because she wore it so much and it was very dirty. If all my knits were this well loved, I always feel they were successful.

Daisy Christmas Sweater 2013

A gallery of everything I’ve made this year can be found here.

Move along now, there’s nothing to see….yet

So, we’ve managed to unpack most things we can without committing to new furniture first, and life is chugging along.

I’ve managed to get Bronchitis but am finally in the last bit of cough that sticks around forever stage.

I’ve finished a knit! But it’s going to be a Christmas gift so it can’t be posted until January.

My current knitting is a secret rush gift knit that may or may not make it, we’ll have to see.

No spinning to speak of, I haven’t spun any since we moved, but I keep thinking about setting up my wheel in the living room so that I can use it there until I decide what I’m doing to the craft room.
I need to get it unpacked still, and that involves buying some shelves, but I am not sure what kind I want or how big I want them, or even what type of wood color they should be if they aren’t painted.

I made Butternut Squash soup and wrote up the recipe for it, but I did some tweaks to the recipe for things I wished I had done and didn’t so now I need to test it before posting that, and we’ve just finished the pot, so it’ll likely be months on that as well. It was tasty though!

I am thinking of trying a key lime cheesecake for Thanksgiving this year instead of the traditional key like pie I make, but haven’t had time to dig up a recipe. Does anyone know of a good one?

The state of things June 2013

So last month was MSW, and I bought some stuff. Not a TON of stuff, but certainly enough when combined with what I already had that I am really quite good for a while.

Right now I am spinning on the lovely gradient blended batts I got from Caroline’s Etsy shop.


But I’ve decide not to buy any more fiber until I’ve manage to spin up what’s pictured in this basket here, because really, it’s a lot. AND I still have 4+1+4.5 lbs of fleeces to spin and 2 alpaca fleeces to card and spin. One chocolate and one dark gray. So really, I have no business buying any more fiber. For reals.


Knitwise I am currently working on two things, which I am fixing to drop for a third, but we’ll come to that shortly.

I am knitting an Entrelac Shawl with Tassles in Noro Taiyo colorway 1.


I am also working on an All the Shades of Truth in greens.


And finally, I’ve recently gotten a fitbit flex and I HATE the wrist thing it comes in so I am just going to knit a wristband to hold that little bastard instead. It’s probably not fitbit’s fault mind you. I don’t wear a watch and haven’t in many years because I don’t like non-fabric things touching my skin especially when there is a possibility I might sweat, so I am going to knit up a wristy holder for it in some nice handspun alpaca and see if that resolves how irritated I am with the thing. Who doesn’t like handspun naturally beautiful gray alpaca? Surely this will be great!

That’s it! You’re all caught up. Maybe more spinning results next time, especially if Tour de France/Fleece is soon like I think it is…..