New Year, New FO.


The Shmoose Hat

A Bea Ellis Original

Thoughts: I loved the kit; it’s a great value. Loved the pattern. I am thinking of ordering another from her at some point in the future, but want to finish more things up first. The hat is for shmoo, mostly to keep his head warm, but also because shmoocon always says “less moose than ever!” every year, so I felt like he needed some moose. The line where I joined the liner to the hat is very obvious, and my floats aren’t the best, but other than that, the hat pleases me. If the rest of my knit items turn out this well this year, I think it’ll be a good year.



4 Replies to “New Year, New FO.”

  1. Your floats aren’t the worst either and no-one except you will be saying “look at where the liner joins”. It is a very handsome moose and I like the colours.

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