FO: Lace Leaf Shawl

Lace Leaf Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark
Started: August 2, 2006
Finished: May 26, 2008
Yarn used: Dale Baby Ull, in darkish true red, no idea about the number anymore, and some of my first handspun. 117 yarns or mohairy purple goodness.
Why I would ever mix red and purple: Because my mom is into that whole red with purple thing, and this was done for her. I don’t think she knows that I was doing it for her, and it’s good thing because it surely took me long enough to get around to finishing it.


And if that’s not enough, I’ve got some spinning photos for you. The gold singles from Loop were done ages ago and I just finally got around to taking a photo. The stuff on the bobbins is Party Roving from MSW last year.


FO: Unorignal Hat

Yarn Harlot’s Unoriginal Hat, Size US 10.5 dpns, Manos yarn.

I finished this up while taking a break from Sahara. It was quick and easy and is entirely to small and too short for my fat head.
Luckily, I know a someone at work who has two little girls, so it should fit one of them. (Yes, Chris, I am talking about you. Your oldest girl like purple?)


New Year, New FO.


The Shmoose Hat

A Bea Ellis Original

Thoughts: I loved the kit; it’s a great value. Loved the pattern. I am thinking of ordering another from her at some point in the future, but want to finish more things up first. The hat is for shmoo, mostly to keep his head warm, but also because shmoocon always says “less moose than ever!” every year, so I felt like he needed some moose. The line where I joined the liner to the hat is very obvious, and my floats aren’t the best, but other than that, the hat pleases me. If the rest of my knit items turn out this well this year, I think it’ll be a good year.



2008 Goals

I want to finish more projects, and spend my craft dollars more thoughtfully. I hop around a lot and have way too many going on, but I want to finish up more things. And, I have a plan.

    I will knit from my stash unless it’s for a swap or a gift.
    I will not buy yarn without a specific purpose in mind, and I will shop the stash first when choosing things to make.
    I will not buy more fiber for spinning until the 12+ pounds I have now is completed. (and knitted!)
    Sock yarn does count. I have more of it than I really need considering I don’t produce an astounding number of socks.
    I need to stop buying so many knitting books. I have a ton as it is, and my craft time is more scarce.

Now, no woman is an island, and sometimes these resolutions can feel harsh. So to help with that, I have the following amendments and exceptions. I am hopeful that by not telling myself “NO!” right out, I won’t feel restricted and rebel against my own guidelines.

    I will not flog myself and want to die with guilt if I do end up buying some yarn. (It’s nice to be able to have yarn to remember a vacation and I don’t plan on stopping that habit. And there is a sweater I want to make this year that I know I do not have the yarn for and no reasonable substitute either.)
    I can spend 50 dollars on fiber at MSW, but that. is. it.
    If I like, can knit AND wear more than 5 patterns in a book, then I can consider buying it.

Ok, those are my spending goals. Now let’s take a look at the actual crafting goals.

These items need to be finished or ripped:

    Hooded Baby Sweater – Ripped
    Lace Leaf Shawl-Done May 27
    Sari Silk Scarf
    Skyscraper sock 2
    Secret Skwerl Socks
    Shmoo socks.
    Shetland Triangle
    Shmoose hat ~Done Jan. 3
    Shmoo’s slippers
    Chenille Scarf
    Unoriginal Hat ~Done Jan. 17

Things I want to knit:
(why yes, some of these are repeats from last year)

    Simpled Knitted Bodice
    Rowan Butterfly
    Entrelac Fish Mittens
    Colorwork hat ~Ufserud, Done Feb 2
    A second Anemoi Mitten
    Pomatomus Socks for me
    Koolhas (one for me, one for shmoo)
    Shedir (for me this time)
    Fingertipless gloves for shmoo
    Sketchbook Cover by Veronik Avery
    Aspen Top-Down Sweater
    A stole using my WitW Golddust
    Wisp (2 of them most likely)
    Rainbow Brite Socks (jaywalkers?)