Keylime Cheesecake

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I meant to post this sometime in January, but I’ve missed that deadline now. Regardless, making this dessert was a good expiriment and one I plan to do again in the future. I made this at Thanksgiving as an experiment. It turned out pretty well, and I plan on making it again at some point, […]

Senate Bean Soup

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Shmoo listens to a lot of NPR. Not too long before Christmas our local NPR station, WAMU, did a story on Senate Bean Soup, which has been on the menu since around 1905 or so. There were two articles on the soup in December of 2014, one on All Things Considered that aired Dec. 26th, […]

Hai webbernets! I’m sorry it’s been so long. There is actually a reason I’ve quit posting besides laziness in general, but I’ll post about it later and for now go back to ignoring you after this post. This is a list of links for my standard Thanksgiving Day recipes. I’ve been talking about cooking to […]

(I’ve posted this before, but it’s at the bottom of a long fibery post and I am trying to go back and make sure all my recipes are single posts so that they are easily found and read. So, if you missed it the first time, this is one of my favorite salads!) You need […]

Recipe: Broccoli Cheese Soup

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Again, mostly for a co-worker of shmoo’s, but feel free to take/use/etc. 3 cups Fresh Broccoli, chopped 1 1/2 cups water 4tbs flour (mix and dissolved in 1/4 water) 2 cups milk 1-2 tbs butter 1-2 cups Grated Cheddar Cheese 1 tsp Paprika 1 tsp Garlic Powder Salt and Pepper to taste. In a big […]

Recipe: Brussels Sprouts

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This is for shmoo’s coworkers, but the rest of you can feel free to try it too. :) Fry a piece or two of bacon in your pan. Get it nice and crispy. Towards the end of the frying, put around half a onion, diced into the pan as well, and let it start to […]

I haven’t been knitting that much. I’m in a bit of a lull. And it’s led to a blogging hiatus as well. So today, I share the family recipes that are the mainstays of our holiday meals. Sweet Potato Souffle Main Ingredients: 3 cups of sweet potatoes, diced. 1/3 cup of butter 1 cup sugar […]

Recipe: Elk Run Sangria

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I have noticed that most of my search engine references are people searching for the Elk Run Sangria recipe. And then shmoo and I noticed today that they’d taken it down again. But I happen to have saved to to notepad, so I have it, and I’m going to share it. (Unless I get notified […]