YPP Octoscarf KAL Contest Entry: Octocowl

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I am taking a lot of this directly from my entry on the Puzzle Pirates games forums, cause I am lazy and can’t be bothered to retype repeating myself.

My cowl overall was an interpretation I came up with in my head. I had seen the half-octo coffee cup cosy and faved it on Ravelry a few weeks ago though, so when this came up, I knew I would be using it.
I wanted to create something that both met the guidelines of the contest and would be something personal to me and that I would be happy with and willing to wear when it was all over with. I think I achieved that, and am really happy with the end product.
The link to the Entrelac guide I used as a jumping off point is HERE.
I cast on 120 stitches did a bit of ribbing, and then set up the blocks to be 5 stitches wide. I knit enough rows to fit the Arch into, and then leveled off, did a bit more ribbing, and cast off. This did use more yarn than I originally intended and I ended up combing the stash and even spinning up some yarn of the right shade to be sure I’d have enough.

The link to the octopus pattern is HERE.
And the Ravelry link for it is HERE.
I added two more legs to him though, because I wanted him to have all 8.

The islands are just little crocheted circles, and the league points are just bad attempts at embroidery over knitting. The eyes and “Ruby” french knots are done with embroidery floss, and the whole thing is lined with a piratey map fabric you can see in the bonus photos link in my photo gallery.
Additional Images-
My photo gallery of the project is HERE.
It contains all the images I took of/during the project, some of which have no name tag but I knew I didn’t need them to all be entry photos, so it worked out.

The Ravelry link for this project is HERE.
There’s not really any more details of the project there, but it does list all the yarns I used.



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