Skyscraper Socks.

My sock pal’s socks are complete. I have named them Skyscraper Socks, and am very pleased over all with how they came out. There are a few things I will be tweaking for the next pair and the pattern I am writing, but the over all look has made me really happy.




And this is what will be in the package for my sockpal when I mail them off on Thursday.


Most likely I will add a bar of soap from the last batch I made, and I will be adding the remaining yarn I used for these socks as well. That way, should they need a repair, she’ll have the yarn to do it.

Most of all I hope that my sock pal will love the socks as much as I do and that she is happy with her package.

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  1. These are terrific! Congrats and they look just wonderful. Please share the pattern when you’ve completed it — I’d love to make some! Great use of varigated yarn…

  2. I would absolutely love to have those socks!

    Unfortunately, I’m not a part of SP 4.

    That doesn’t stop me from loving them though.

  3. I love those socks! They are so beautiful! Skyscraper Socks is a perfect name for them as well. Wonderful job!

  4. How long did it take you to knit them from start to finish? Never done colorwork for a sock but I absolutely love these — particularly the striped foot.

    Your readers should know that your bags are every bit as gorgeous in person as they are in the pictures ;)

  5. WOW — obviously, I have not been keeping up with your knitting >:-o I did not realize you had advanced to making your own patterns and such! These are UBER COOL. I cannot imagine anyone receiving these, and not being blown away. Gorgeous foot goodness, my dear *hmmm, say THAT three times, real fast ;-)*

  6. Oh those are gorgeous!! Thank you for stopping by my blog – I’ve not seen yours before, but holy cow the beautiful things you make. Those are really stunning. Your pal’s a lucky duck!

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