FO: Shedir

I meant to post about this 3 days ago, but I didn’t get around to snapping some pics until this morning.

mrhead.jpg top.jpg lyingflat.jpg

Shedir is complete. And I am in love. The pattern is just so well written and clever and not near as hard as I thought it would be. I marveled at Jenna Wilson’s cleverness as I was knitting it, and again when I was done. I admit there were some slow going rows, but once I got the hang of it, things moved along nicely. In fact, I have already cast on for a second Shedir and will be sending this one to my brother since he likes shorter tighter hats and I shortened this one up a bit with him in mind.

As for the yarn, it’s Jaeger Roma, in color 006 (Fern). It’s soft and stretchy and and nice to work with, if a little splitty at times. If I were doing these hats as actual Chemo caps, I would certainly use it again in the future.

blankie.jpg pitiful.jpg

I also completed the Pinwheel Baby Blanket, except now it’s a Pinwheel Doggie Blanket. I got tired of doing it and Daisy kept trying to steal it every time I went to knit on it, so I finally gave up and let her have it. She was very pitiful and non-photogenic this morning, but you know how tetchy models can be.


And last week on the non-fibery front, I made a batch of soap. It was a spa bar type, (this means I added a lot of salt it, and it used to be sea salt that I added, but I have found that kosher does better, so it’s just a “spa” type bar now) with Coconut, Babassu, Macadamia Nut, and Castor Oils, and Mango Butter. I scented it with Black Pepper FO, Sweet Orange EO, and then I added Oak Moss as a botanical and ground Luffa for a little scrubbiness. It turned out lovely and smells divine.

And that is about it. As I’ve said, I already have another Shedir on the needles, and I’ve started a doggie sweater for Daisy in the leftover blankie yarn, and am basing it on a dog jacket thing she already has, which really means I am winging it as I go along, so it’s entirely possible it won’t turn out. But hopefully it will.

10 Replies to “FO: Shedir”

  1. I have to do that hat for next winter – i have loved every one i have see onout in blogland! i’m sure daisy loves her blanket… was just meant to be for her!

  2. She looks like Super-Daisy!
    Stronger than the scrubbing bubbles!
    Faster than a speeding gerbil!
    Able to leap tall sponges in a single bound!

  3. Daisy says “does my bum look big in this”

    The hat is lovely, I especially like the top of head shot, the way the patterning comes together is fantastic.

  4. Shedir looks great! I loved that pattern too. That soap sounds pretty amazing too! I think that Daisy in her cape could give Super Sheep a run for his money.

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