Wrapping this one up.

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I’ve read a thing for someone on the internet. If you like podcasts and Fantasy Short Stories, check out Podcastle. In fact, if you like, you can start with the story I read here. I have photos of the Rainbow Campfire Mitts finally. I finished the Cat’s Cocoon thing, which he loves and will actually […]


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Ok. The reason I took a month’s hiatus from knitting was because I was making a Wooly. Specifically I was making a Puzzle Pirates themed Wooly for this contest. The entry thread where you can see all the Woolies produced for the competition is here. My entry looks like this: 3974|450 The gallery folder with […]

My sock pal’s socks are complete. I have named them Skyscraper Socks, and am very pleased over all with how they came out. There are a few things I will be tweaking for the next pair and the pattern I am writing, but the over all look has made me really happy. And this is […]