17 today.

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So, I didn’t post about it last year when it happened, because I knew I would not be able to handle all any comments, despite how warm and heartfelt they would have been, but Daisy died on December 6th of last year. Her kidneys gave out on her and she let me know it was […]

Annual Jeep Post 2017

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So here’s the annual Jeep post. I realize this really isn’t interesting to anyone but other Wrangler owners, but it’s useful to me for tracking changes I’ve made. This year, the doors and top came off in early May. May 7th to be specific, as May 8th she had a date with a man in […]

Tits Off for Harambe! (or Hey, I got a breast reduction.)

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So, I had a breast reduction on January 24th, and these are my observations/reflections/thoughts. I’m going to talk about the surgery first, and then at the bottom, I’ll have my thoughts on it as well as the reasons behind it. I’ve done it this way so people looking for information on having this done can […]

So, about a month ago, I had a breast reduction. There will be a post about it in the future, much like my “I am a grown ass woman and I got my tonsil out” post, but this, this is not that post. This post is about the Mammograms I had to have done before […]

Jeep Update, Summer 2016

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This year’s summer jeep update took a bit longer to get to than last year, for a number of reasons. We went camping on Memorial Day weekend this year and the hard top stayed on for that. Then the leftovers from tropical storm Bonnie (that hit while we were camping in the Outer Banks) made […]

Topless, The Official Welcome of Summer

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I know the calender disagrees, but we officially consider it summer once the top comes off the jeep. I have hard top and I didn’t start taking it off until last summer, which was the first summer we had a garage. Last year it was difficult, took forever, made us cranky and sun-burnt, and took […]

Who’s down with UPP….P? (yeah, you know me!) – Tonsillectomy at 40.

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So, I meant to post this in April, but it’s better I did not, as I’ve needed a bit of distance on this one not to make it a crazy person post, and honestly it still might be. On April 20th, I had a UPPP and tonsillectomy. I don’t recommend getting a tonsillectomy as an […]

I never drink water; that is the stuff that rusts pipes. ~W. C. Fields Tuesday, February 17th, seemed pretty normal for most of the day. Shmoo got home about 15 minutes before me, grabbed the dog and took her out back to potty. When he got downstairs, there was water EVERYWHERE. So when I got […]

2014 Wrap Up

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Hi! It’s the end of another year where I haven’t managed to post at least once a month, and when I realize that I haven’t posted here since May I feel a bit ashamed and depressed about that. I’ve spent more time in the past year updating my site than I have posting. I’d talk […]

How is it March already? And been that way for over a week at that! Craft-wise I have completed nothing. I’ve got a few things going on though, so there’s that. The days are just flying by right now. It’s probably because I am so busy at work, and then I am trying to do […]

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