FO: Naughty Reindeer Hat

Here’s the photos of the finished hat and the one armwarmer. I am semi-pleased with the hat. It’s awesome, and the concept is great, but I think it might be too small for Todd’s head with the reversible side in, and there’s some pulling on the patterning that I don’t care for, but it’s intarsia in the round, so it is what it is.


I love the armwarmer and can’t wait to wear them one day, but I still need to finish spinning the yarn for the second one…


2 Replies to “FO: Naughty Reindeer Hat”

  1. You spun the yarn for the arm warmer? Gorgeous!! btw my husband appreciates the reindeer hat and would totally wear it. If we lived in a colder climate, he’d be getting one. Nice color work, too.

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