Argyle Vest

First, I got a loom! Kromski Harp Rigid Heddle. I’ve named it Cameron. Since my wheel is Ferris, I figured my loom should be Cameron. I suppose the next thing I buy I have to name Simone.


And here’s my first weaving project.


It’s stalled out however, because I’ve been spending all my crafting efforts on this…..
An Emergency Sweater for young man I did not know was coming into the world. So I’ve had to knit quickly, because as every knitter knows, it’s harder to beat them once they start growing. I knit the 6 months size, but it seems HUGE. Not having a kid, I cannot judge the accuracy of the sweater, or my thoughts on hugeness. I do rather feel that perhaps the yarns aren’t far enough apart in color saturation, though, the colors themselves did a nice contrast, so the colorwork is not crisp and clear, but I still like the finished product just fine.


The directions for the sweater call for it to be knit flat, but there was no way I was doing colorwork flat. So I did it in the round and steeked it. This is my first sweater with steeks. It didn’t suck, and cutting the knitting wasn’t that traumatizing or anything. Snip snip snip!

The other modification I made was to make the right shoulder of the sweater be a button closure instead of sewn together. That way it’s easier to get the thing on him. I hear babies can be squirmy, so I figured it would help.


I still need to sew the steek bits down and trim them. I’ll take a photo of the innards after I do so for all you freaks who like to look at knitting guts. But in the meantime, here’s one steek done and the other two still needing to be done.


Until then, carry on!

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  1. The shoulder buttons are a good idea because not only are babies squirmy but they have enormous heads. if it looks big that’s good, at some point it will fit. If it looked small then you would be on a loser. I have no interest in the inside of knitting, there’s a reason that it’s called the private side.

    Nice loom.

  2. The loom is so exciting! Looking forward to seeing what you create. Love the vest too, and your no-nonsense attitude to steeking is just what the knitting blogosphere needs. Snip snip indeed!

  3. Laura, lovely, you have become quite an accomplished knitter and weaver.
    I check SGI status tonight and no oil for now.
    Going in October anyway. Love, Nana

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