Handspun Swell

Yesterday I knit an entire hat. BAM! My first finished knit of the year. And it only took me two months!
It turned out a little on the small side but I love the way it looks enough not to rip it. I’ll just gift it and be happy with it just the same.
Details: Knitty’s Swell, done in handspun on sz 5 needles. The yellow/orangey stuff was spun by me, with a cable? ply. Not sure that’s the right term, but you ply two singles together. Then you ply two plies of plied singles to each other. It creates a very mottled, round yarn. The dark purpley stuff was some of the handspun I got back in the HHHH swap. I held it double.
The only thing I didn’t just love about how it turned out (Besides how it looks on me, which even shmoo admitted was awful!) was the last little bit of the crown. I feel like the decreases were a little to fast. I even readjusted so there was one extra row of them, but I think next time I’ll adjust so there are two or three extra rows.

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  1. I would never have put those two colours together and yet they work so well. It’s lovely, as it doesn’t fit you have the perfect excuse to make another hat.

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