After I finished the seed stitch washcloth yesterday morning…. I seem to have tripped and fell on some knitting mojo I left lying around a while back.
But first, the washcloth. Every FO deserves a moment in the spotlight, even if you are just going to wash your face with it.


There, an excessive amount of photos for a simple face cloth. Moving on….

There’s this sketch book cover by Veronik Avery that appeared in IK Summer 05 issue. I have some some yarn in my stash purchased just for this project, and it’s even set aside for it in a ziplock, and has been for.. oh…. a year and a half or so.

So yesterday, I decided to make it. But not with the pre-established set aside yarns. Oh no. And the actual cover part.. not just plain reverse stockinette, oh no no no. The newest issue of Knitty has an article about tiny mitered squares with hand-painted yarn. And I read it last week, and tucked the ideas away for later, and apparently when I wasn’t paying attention, my little knitter brain plotted out a project, and then presented it to me fully blown.

LittleKnitterBrain: So.. check this out…Mitered squares like little windows in autumny leafy colors for the background…. AND THEN… the leaves from the Vintage Leaf kit!!

Me: ….and how would I decide where to put them?

LKB: Well lay out the cover and then drop the premade leaves on it of course! And where they land, that’s where they get attached!

Me: But what about the ties? I won’t have ties? Or the panels that make the ties possible!

LKB: Who needs panels? Use a leaf dumbass! They have stems. The stem could be long enough to go to the other side and hook to a little button….

Me: Oh. OH!. Neato!

LKB: Well of course it’s neato. I thought of it. Now go knit.

So, I’ve cast on. If this works out as well as my Little Knitter Brain thinks it will, I will be damned pleased with this project. And best of all, it’s small, and portable, just like a sock, but it’s not a sock. Which is good, because I don’t want to knit socks right now.




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  1. Caroline M on March 26, 2009 2:45 am

    I like the background already. My own inner knitter would like to know whether there is enough contrast for the leaves to show, I’ve told her that there is and she should shut up but you know what the little voices are like.

  2. Knit Nurse on March 26, 2009 11:31 am

    Coo, isn’t it great when the urge to knit takes hold of you after it’s been gone a while?! You thought you’d lost it and then all of a sudden there it is, back after its holidays and raring to eat up all of your spare time again! Love the leaves!

  3. Carol on March 26, 2009 8:17 pm

    Cute tiny mitred squares. And I ovject to the term ‘just’ in conjuction with ‘wash your face’. Your face is a very important part of you. The part most ofhte world sees. So it deserves the very best.

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