Wow, is it Thursday already? I totally meant to post this on Monday or Tuesday, but it would seem I suck and lack time management skills.

I haven’t been very productive knit-wise lately and it’s bothering me, but with my arthritis flaring up, it’s not like I am going to get a much done, so in the interests of instant gratification I whipped out a Reverse Bloom Washcloth.


This pattern was the reason I learned how to knit. I had already been making soap for a while and the pairing of a handmade soap with one of these luxury cloths was just too much. I WANTED one. I didn’t actually learn to knit and knit one up for the first time until a year later, but this pattern will always hold a place in my heart. Also, they are pretty damned nice to use.

Speaking of soap….last Friday night, after getting pissed off in WoW, I decided to take the night off from gaming and make soap. I wanted to try swirling 4 colors. Unfortunately, the entire pot basically instantly set up as I was adding in the colors to the pot for the swirls. Which meant I just had to make the best of it and mix it all up for as uniform a color as I could get, and it turned out a deep dark blue. So while the smell is nice, and the oils used in it are nice, it’s not the prettiest stuff by any means. It’s also a bit soft. And the lather is blue. And it turns the water you are washing in blue. And I have 3 pounds of the mess. The blue doesn’t stain anything (it’s just a powdered oxide) and it all rinses off, but I hate soft soaps, so I am not pleased. Kids should like it however, as they can mush it up in their little foamy blue hands when they use it. Now I just need to find some kids to shove it off on. BUT! I’ll try again when my new fancy silicon lined soap mold gets here, and it’s due to be in tomorrow, so woot!


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  1. What a cute washcloth. The soap matches, as Kim mentioned, so that is a plus, right? Maybe the women’s shelter would take some soaps for the kids that show up there with nothing?

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