Fall Felted Bag Exchange

The final FFBE question is “How was your experience in the exchange? Did you enjoy the folks you met? Did you just love the bag you received? Please share any thoughts, criticism, and things you loved!

Honestly, my experience wasn’t outstanding. I did find some new blogs to read, and the person who is my bagmaker is really nice, but I think the fun in these types of swaps is really getting to know your pal and then creating a great package for them. Unfortunately my pal’s first language is not English, and her blog isn’t generally written in English. Now this in and of itself is fine, but it makes it really really hard to get to know your pal when you can’t read most of the blog or the archives. I am happy with the bag I created, and think I did a good package for my pal, but that’s about it.

Speaking of the package I sent my pal, here are the photos of the contents. [Despite the fact I haven’t heard from my pal that she got my package OR the pattern I emailed her, I am going ahead and posting this, as it’s time to wrap it up.

EDIT!  My pal received her package and posted about it  here.  I am so happy she (and her cat and son!) liked it.  I have been very worried.]

The bag, the bag’s lining, a close up of the lining, a package of mints, Spunky Eclectic fiber and some Merino/Tencel that I dyed, some Kool-Aid (and the generic version because my grocery store is the suck), my favorite tea, and some Hershey bars, because if you are sending chocolate to another country, that seems like the most American one to me.

And……I’ve received my package as well. My pal was Vickie, and she made me a wonderful bag and sent nice goodies to go with it.
Here are the photos of the bag, the liner, and the goodies it held.

And this concludes my obligations for the FFBE!

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  1. It’s very purty but if you felt (felt, geddit) like it was an obligation then I guess that it wasn’t the fun that it was supposed to be. My experience of swaps (quilting ones) is that you’re better just making the package for yourself, you get just what you want without the hassle of postage and deadlines. Boring, that’s me.

  2. I’m so happy! That bag is so beautiful!
    And You make wonderful work with linning
    I eat chocolate and my cat also asked something .
    We both enjoyed it and my little son too.
    And now I can try die yarn with kool aid’s – it’s just great!
    Thank you, you are wonderful pal :) :)

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