2014 Parsec Award nominations

So I seem to be eligible for a 2014 Parsec award for my readings for Pseudopod. If you are the nominating type I am eligible in two categories.

Best Speculative Fiction Story: Large Cast (Short Form) for Pseudopod 369: Four Views Of The Big Cigar In Winter by Charlie Bookout

Pseudopod 369: Four Views Of The Big Cigar In Winter


Best Speculative Fiction Story: Small Cast (Short Form) for Pseudopod 348: The Easily Forgotten by Philip M. Roberts

Pseudopod 348: The Easily Forgotten

Go and nominate (or not!) as you wish.

If you are the type who likes audiobooks and short stories, I highly recommend the three Escape Artist podcasts. Pseudopod is horror, Podcastle is Fantasy, and Escapepod is Sci-Fi. I’ve somehow managed to read for all three at this point, and while I am not a regular reader for any of them, I have been a listener for years.

If at some point you find you are curious about the stuff I have read and want to have a listen it’s all listed here.

Wrapping this one up.

I’ve read a thing for someone on the internet.
If you like podcasts and Fantasy Short Stories, check out Podcastle.
In fact, if you like, you can start with the story I read here.

I have photos of the Rainbow Campfire Mitts finally.

I finished the Cat’s Cocoon thing, which he loves and will actually get in and not just lay on, but damned if he’ll stay in it when I am trying to get a photo of him using it.
It’s just not happening. He did make sure to guard it while I took a photo of it however, because he’s most definitely sure that it is HIS and he is NOT going to share it. Shmoo tried to raise it up a bit for me and Bri huffed at him and put his foot down on it so he could not.

I also knit a [Minecraft] slime as a Christmas Gift for a 2 year old, and it was a hit with most everyone but the recipient. This is to be expected of course, he’s 2. :) Even shmoo said he was really impressed at how it turned out, which he rarely says about any of the knitting anymore.

That’s it! Here’s your photos.