Long Summer

This summer was a pile of poop. Life was really busy kicking my ass and the blog didn’t even enter my mind, and anything I had to say wouldn’t have been for public consumption even if I had.

But I finished 2 hats and a pair of socks. For the socks, the 2nd one was knit almost exactly 10 years after the first one. That’s probably the worst case of Second Sock Syndrome I’ve ever had, but they are done now, and I like them so all good. Links to the Rav project pages with the photos if you want more specific details.


Let’s Play Pretend

Let’s pretend that I haven’t lost my camera battery charger and I have lots of pictures to share… shall we? (Squinch your eyes up really hard.. that always works right?)

Here’s our back deck. We cleaned it up a bit about 2 months ago and I got some herbs and a fern and a flowering plant, and two bird feeders, and then we got a nice little table and two chairs to go with it. And it’s lovely for spinning…. except the two bird feeders… attract a lot of birds, and their eating mess. But still I’ve never been a bird watching type before, so it’s new and different to try and identify the things that come to visit.

And this? This is my recent spinning. I plied the green-blue stuff. I plied the heathery green stuff. And I plied some naturally died red stuff, done by Stephania that I got at MSW last year. Come to think of it, the heathery green was from MSW last year too… and look how lovely and old fashioned Christmasy they look together!

And here’s my green monkey sock, only the one, as I had to stop and work on this baby hat here…. I should be done with it by next week though, which is good as it needs to be mailed across the pond and the baby is due in about 2 months as it is. But it’s a lovely cute hat no?

I also cheated and cast on for some lace. I am using a nice green silk and my US 1 needles, which makes it rather tiny but I think fabric would be too airy if I went any larger, though perhaps I should, I am not so far along I cannot stop and swatch I suppose….

Oh! and I sewed myself a skirt! Ok, not quite. I just refashioned one. I took my most favorite pair of jeans that had finally had an inner thigh blowout they just couldn’t recover from, and made it into an a-line style skirt using a tutorial I found online. It was about 2 or so hours worth of work, and I love it! It’s still super comfortable like my jeans were, and just as casual, but lemme tell you, if you just throw on a Tshirt and flip-flops and head to Home Depot in this skirt instead of the jeans they used to be… well… I can only say the Gardening section fellas were very attentive for some reason. A skirt! Who knew?


I’ve made some progress on the leafy book cover.
I also cast on for a mitten and am just past the thumb gusset.
I’ve crocheted a kitchen rag, and started Boteh. Crochet is good for watching TV btw. If the dog steps on the yarn or I set it down, and the needle comes out, it’s no big deal.

Pictures later, camera battery needs charging again!


So it turns out that if you expect to actually use the pictures you took last week to post on your blog… you need to charge the damned battery.

Photos (and even an FO!) soon as I find the charger.