Run. Don’t Walk.

Yes, I said RUN.
To your local Target.
Hit up the dollar section by the door.

There you will find some little bags that they call “Fabric Treat Cans” and I call “I just got a neat little wrist bag for making sock knitting easily portable and didn’t have to pay a bazillion dollars for the Lantern Moon one” bag. I got two. (They also have loads of Napoleon Dynamite stuff on markdown too. Vote for Pedro Fridge Pad ftw.)

OK. Got your bag? You can walk now.

Here is the yarn I spun up Monday night during knitting group. The wonderful Amie helped me out. Basically, spinning on a spindle is indeed as slow as I seem to be doing it, I can’t make it faster, and I need to be more patient. But I ended up with not quite 20 yards, and I’m not giving myself blisters anymore, (don’t ask!) so there is some definite improvement.

And finally, OMG! I won the yarn naming contest that Mama-E had. BEAUREGARD won! So now I get some of that SO SO BEAUTIFUL purple yarn. And I even got to pick the name. How cool is that?

And since several people asked, the reasons I didn’t like the Hedera socks were… While the pattern was good, it wasn’t toe-up, and with it as written, it looked horrible on my ankles. They looked like fat stuff sausages and it was just unattractive. I am sure this wouldn’t have been a problem had they been taller, but they weren’t. And I didn’t want to randomly make them taller because I didn’t want to run out of yarn. So I am doing the Badcauls because everyone in the knitblog universe says they are superfast, and because they are toe-up. I can make these puppies as tall as the yarn will let me and I think that’s a good thing.

And finally, I am curious about the people that actually read my blog. So if you read it fairly regularly but haven’t ever commented, leave a comment! I’d like to get to know you!

Happy Thursday!

7 little yards.

No new knitting content, but I did do a little spinning. Very little actually. But I plied the little bit I had on the spindle and this is the result.

And close up.

I even rinsed it and hung it to dry to set the twist! Of course, it is only 7 yards. What am I going to do with 7 yards? It’s so very litte, but I feel the need to do something with it. It’s yarn I made with my own two hands, I MUST do something with it!

And I ain’t got no worries…..

’cause I ain’t in no hurry, at all. (Doobie Brothers, Blackwater)

I have finished the Flower Basket Shawl.


I’ll block it shortly and hopefully have some decent pictures of it compelted before I send it off.

Neat plates seen at Maryland Sheep and Wool:

An awesome felted fishie bag:

A super cute face:

And my purchases:

10 ozs of Corriedale to learn to spin with.

A Kundert top-whirl drop spindle. 1.2 ozs, made of Walnut, with Zebra-Wengle and Birdseye Maple whorl accent.

And, from Tintagel Farm, 8 ozs of 50/50 wool and mohair.