knit knit, change project, knit knit, cast on, knit rip

That pretty much sums up my knitting life. :)

I did cast on for Kate Gilbert’s Syncopated Caps from IK Summer 07.


But I messed up the color dominance by not paying attention, and I have a specific way I want do it, and certain rows I wish to swap on, and I totally did it all opposite…


So I’ve taken it off the needles for now and am knitting a cotton liner for it first. Honestly, since doing the Bea Ellis hats, I think all good knit hats should have liners. It makes such a difference to the quality and feel of the hat. If you are going to take the time to make beautiful colorwork, take another day or two and whip out a boring cotton liner to go with.

I’ve also done a little spinning. I tried doing a cable plied yarn. Below you see 2ozs of cable plied merino tencel. I started the spyrogyra mitts with it, and the ribbing was divine. The actual stitch pattern? Not so much. So cable plied yarn, even when done kinda crappy for the first time, does make great ribbing (I’ll test cables with it soon…) but can easily be over/underwhelming in certain stitch patterns.


And now, a funny shmoo story.
Last week he was suffering through watching Bravo’s Make me a Supermodel, when one of the guys on the show was given a lamb to walk with and he told it, “Behave or I’ll make you into a sweater.” Shmoo looked over at me, rolled his eyes at the guy and said, “He could do that anyway.” Girls, I have a keeper. He might not participate in my fibery love, but he tolerates it really well, and is willing to learn stuff about it. AND today I totally asked him about joining a sock club that a certain someone mentioned on her blog, thinking he would talk me down off the ledge of wanting to do it. He didn’t! He said, “well, if it’s for the year, why not?” That’s almost…. like…. enabling!



I seem to have come back from shmoocon with more than just a t-shirt.

Or maybe I am just meant to get extremely sick at Con time every year. Shmoo has suggested that the geek germs are just too much for my seemingly fragile immune system.

After a horribly shitty Sunday night, I crawled to the pharmacy on Monday (Thank God it was a holiday!) to beg for permission to buy some Advil Cold & Sinus. I love it only slightly less than I love shmoo. I would love that new Alka Seltzer mucus annihilator too if it didn’t taste so bad. I sent them feedback on it last night that said, “I’d rather lick my dog’s ass.” And I wasn’t exaggerating. The lemon-lime is awful. Even when you hold your nose to drink it. And if you are so sick as to need this crap, holding your nose to take it is a huge effort unto itself.

That’s probably enough pitiful whining. I have a bed that looks very lonely without me in it.

Shmoocon 2008, in review.

So, it didn’t suck this year. At least not for me. Admittedly my take on it isn’t the normal geek attendee experience, but I have been for 3 of the 4 years it’s been held, and volunteered all 3 of those years, so I figure I get to have an opinion. And my opinion is, it didn’t suck.

I got to see some of my favorite people. (GM, Johnny Long [check out the front page of today’s Baltimore Sun for a story on his charity btw, he’s a geeky rockstar! Also, couldn’t be nicer!], Todd, Erik, Holt,Tamsin, and Noise) And I actually enjoyed myself. Last year I was sick with the super-karate-monkey-deathcar flu, and basically felt like Thyphoid Mary. I was afraid of spreading it to everyone else, and everyone was afraid of catching it, so it wasn’t super fun for me. And the year previous to that, I didn’t know anyone, and we didn’t get a room at the hotel, and it was just a suckfest all the way around other than meeting folks would later become people I liked.

I heard one of the speakers jumped the shark on her talk while I was off taking a nap in my room, and that the attendees responded in a very shmoocon-like manner, and all I can say is GO THEM. Questioning a speaker when you think they are feeding you a load of crap is the basis of what Shmoocon is about, and she should have been a better speaker, and treated her audience better. The paper committee does the best it can in picking the talks and when a speaker dumbs-down a talk or changes without letting anyone know, there’s really not anything that can be done about it, so she deserved all the crap she got.

As for the Saturday Night Party… it’s a con tradition, and the first year I went sucked donkey balls royally. Furr fucked us royally that year, and many of us were left with a bad taste in our mouths. Last year was Adams Mill Bar and Grill, and they were good to us, but the boys that dj for us didn’t like the sound set up. So this year was Pasha Lounge. And while I had a good time, they pretty much screwed us on drink prices, so that rather sucked. And honestly, I am not sure how I feel about a bar with a myspace page. I know that lots of places use myspace pages to get their name out, but I feel like using it for a business is a bit much. (Ok, so imho, myspace is for just seperated/divorced guys bitter about the split who are “single and loving it!” Gag.) But it was still fun, Holt and Keith did a good job on the music, I got tipsy and danced ’til my feet hurt.  Then we went around the corner to Beerskellars, which seemed like a cool place to go and has a 15 page beer list. After goofing off there, we finally made it back to the hotel, where I crashed and shmoo kept drinking with the boys.

We were both horribly hungover this morning, and I am getting sick now, but all in all, a good con, and a good time, with people I like. See you peeps next year. :)

The story of Sassafras and Shmoo.

Ok so here’s my sappy Valentine’s day story…

Shmoo and I met playing Warcraft on the Doomhammer server. (My mage is named Sassafras, his hunter’s name should be obvious) I started playing about a month after it was released, and he started playing that June while killing time waiting to be approved to go back to work after a sudden brain tumor. (ok, not sudden, but if you find out about it and get scheduled for surgery within the same 24 hour period, wouldn’t that seem sudden to you?)

I thought he was funny. Hilarious. And he seemed to be on my wavelength with his jokes. So I flirted outrageously for about a month. (Funny has always been the way to my heart.) He finally got a clue and started flirting back a few weeks later. And then we really started talking to each other. And we really clicked.

So that started at the end of July/first bit of August… we spent hours on the phone, and on IM, and then he went back to work…. and few weeks after that, we arrange to meet in person because we had both said within the first 2 days of talking to each other that we didn’t believe in long distance relationships. (I’d done it before, and it sucked and just didn’t want to do it again. Ever.) He flew down in mid September. I was so nervous I spent all day trying to clean an already clean house, cooking Eggplant Lasagna, and panicking. I had the airport’s little plane watch tool going all day to see if the plane would be early or late, since I was just 20 minutes from the airport, and knew I was too nervous to wait around there without freaking out.

I remember jumping in the shower with the doodad saying 45 minutes until landing. And getting out 10 minutes later and it saying 10 minutes until landing and freaking out. I called as I arrived at the airport to be sure he wasn’t waiting. He wasn’t, they had had to wait for another plane to move. So I finally get in and am waiting at the top of the escalators. Heart racing. Freaked out. Panicking. (I find out later that he was waiting at the bottom of the escalators before coming up doing the same thing, and was very close to just never coming out.) And finally, there he is. Yay. We were so nervous. Like blind-date high-school prom nervous. Looking back, it’s funny now. Hell, it was a little funny then too. But then we hugged, and it was ok. And then he mocked my driving without shoes on the way home, and it just felt right. The poor guy met me for the first time, and just a day later was meeting all my co-workers AND more importantly, my family. I’m not saying my Aunt was mean to him, but he still gives me crap about the fact she wore her firearm to dinner. (What? She was coming from work, and was in uniform. Also, she loves me very much.) There might also have been a background check permission form involved as a joke…..

A month later, I came to visit him up here in Maryland and check things out, and a month after that, I was moving in. It was the craziest, most random, irresponsible thing I have ever done. When I look back at how it all happened and how fast it was, I still wonder about my sanity. But I don’t regret it one bit.

I’m not saying “he completes me!” or anything like that. I was a whole, happy, well-adjusted person before we got involved. But knowing him has enriched my life in tons of ways, and I am a better person than I was before I met him. I love you honey!

Happy Valentine’s Everybody.
(next year, the story of my move up….)

She’s in love with the boy.

First off, Hi. I’m not dead or anything. I just don’t really have anything to blog about. I knit, I rip, and life goes on. I am just not boring you with the details of the ripping anymore. Is it bad that my knitting group can see me looking at a WIP and say, “You’re going to rip that aren’t you?”

So today, I give you a video of shmoo (with his permission). A fellow shmoon, 3ric, made an ad for the 2007 con featuring none other than *cough* slightly *cough* drunk shmoo. It made me laugh, so I figured I’d share.

(I tried embedding it but… screw it. I have no idea how to go about it and have it actually work.)

Yes, I still love him. :)


Please excuse Laura’s absence… blah blah blah.

I’m not sick anymore, but I just haven’t really been knitting. I don’t have anything really exciting or cool to share, so I haven’t posted.

The best I can offer is some pet pictures to distract you from my recent lack of content.

First up is the cat, who it seems likes printers. And if he isn’t parked on my 3-in-1, he’s got his ass parked on our HP. Go figure. It might be that the printers are above our desk and he likes to look down on us.

And finally a picture I took of my other babies, while they were sleep. Say it with me now.. “awwwwww!”

Have a great weekend!

That’s my man!

Non-knitting content warning!!!!!!

So today we tried a little eatery near where we live. Hard Times Cafe. It was very good. They have 4 different kinds of chili, huge salads, and sweet tea. And they serve their drinks in HUGE classes.

So while we were eating the conversation came around to guns. Shmoo says, “I had a gun once, it was a .22. My dad took it away from me for shooting the toaster.” When asked why he felt the need to shoot the toaster, the answer was, “It made me mad. It shocked me when I stuck a knife in it.” After I got done spewing my food and laughing so loud the waitress had to come check on us, the details all came out.

He stuck a knife in the toaster because he knew he wasn’t supposed to use a fork*. He took the toaster and shot it REPEATEDLY with the .22 rifle***. Then his mom came home and he hid it, under the back porch. When she asked him about the toaster that had been on the counter that morning when she left, he said “I don’t know.” (He now says it’s important to understand that it’s not the first time appliances had disappeared. It’s another funny story having something to do with the pawn shop**.) She didn’t believe him. Lord only knows why. After all, he and his best friend had only pawned his parents’ (the friend’s parents) small appliances the summer before when his parents had gone out of town. There was no reason at all to suspect he was lying, now was there?

He dug the toaster out from under the porch three months later and threw it away.

And lest you think he was young and didn’t know any better, he was 15 at the time.

Yes, that’s MY man.

*Edit: Please note, the toaster was ON when he did this. He couldn’t see to get the crumb that was stuck out if the elements weren’t lit up.

After shmom read this, she messaged me:
[Shmom]: Did [shmoo] tell you why the toast was stuck in the toaster?
[Shmom]: Because he always wanted his butter melted, so would toast the bread and then spread on the butter on it and return it to the toaster to melt the hard butter.
[Me]:haha. He bought me a butter dish so we could keep some soft all the time.

**[Shmom]: I decided that’s the reason he always buys expensive appliances – he knows their worth at the pawn shop.

***And as for the gun: “It is actually his – it was his Grandpa’s and I have custody until I think he is mature enough to handle it AGAIN.”

How Freakin’ Cool.

How cool is this?! Amie, aka RosebyAny (see sidebar for link), knit me a turtle soap holder. Out of the blue! He’s so damned cute too! I love him. She said she was willing to write up a pattern for him too, if someone asked. I think I am going to do so. I was a little out of it last night, so I doubt my true appreciation for this little fella came thru when I received, but I love the little bugger.

And here he is stuffed with a peppermint tea-tree soap from my cabinet. He’s actually a little darker than he is in these pics, I took Soapy (yeah, I named him Soapy) out on the porch for the light and the flashed kicked in as well. Can you say.. overexposure children? Sure you can.

I finally got around to starting the front of the Batman pullover last night, so hopefully I’ll have something to show in another day or two. Happy Knitting!

EDIT: Bonus entry!

And another thing….. I was looking around for some new blogs to add to my list today… when BAM! Oh. My. God. I love this freaking sweater. My shmoo NEEDS this freaking sweater.

So I give him the link; “wow…that’s rather nice”!!!!

Hell yes! A sweater we both like. FOR HIM!

It’s Pulse by Kim Hargreaves for Rowan’s Denim People. I have looked at this book before mind you, and thought…ehhhhh it’s ok I guess. And the picture of the sweater in white and blue, it does it no justice. But wow! Loving those blues! And imagining it in greens.

So… anyone got this book they wanna sell cheap?

Bobbing right along.

Shmoo wore his sweater last week while it was still cool. He refused to let me take his picture in it, but it looks great on him. Something about raglan sleeves on men; it just looks right.

I haven’t been knitting very much at all. Honestly, I’ve been playing warcraft. We have a patch that changes some things soon and I am trying to accomplish certain things while it is easier to do so. (Tier 0 gear anyone?)

I have made some hat progress however minor. Just some basic cables and ribs. I am playing with the rib a bit here and there as a tiny cable, semi random-like. I don’t know that it will look good but that’s ok, shmoo will wear it anyway. :)

That’s it for here. I leave you with a picture that I couldn’t resist taking last week. My lumps. :)