One is the loneliest number.

My sockpal’s first sock is completed. Modeled here by me. My foot is an inch and a half wider than my pal’s so, if it looks a little tight and stretched.. well, it is. Use your imagination.

The top view.


The side view.


The bottom view.


Proof I’m washing it for my pal. :)


And finally, the cat stealing the dog’s bed for a nap.


Pliable, Pets.

Sunday, I was getting ready to comb BFL for spinning, and put a mesh basket on the bed. I hadn’t even gotten settled before Bri decided that he was moving into the basket, and that there was no way I was getting him to move out.


And then, he settled right down and smugly went to sleep. For hours!


But I persevered without my basket. And then I spun the combed BFL, and then I started spinning the second bump (no combing required). And now I have two bobbins almost full and am ready to ply.  It’s a bit early for the June/July Project Spectrum 2.0, but it’s semi close to the right time for it. That counts, right?


It’s just going to be a simple two ply. I think the colors are close enough, and yet different enough, to make a lovely yarn. And later, perhaps a lovely something something in lace.

And finally, in order to give fair press, a picture of Daisy getting in the way while I was trying to get a pile of laundry together. Please know that she did this herself, and it took no arranging from me. She’s a stinker.


How cool is this?

You can make your own Opoly board.

I am not sure I’d want to spend hours doing it, but it sure sounds neat if you had kids or a theme in mind to give someone.

On the knitting front, I am working on some armwarmers. Cause, you know, you NEED them in June when it’s 90 degrees out. Yeah. In all actuality they’ll probably get frogged too because I’m didn’t write down or chart out my cables as I went and I need to be able to reproduce it for the second one. I am sure I can just figure it out and continue to wing it, but I’d like for them to match.


Not long after I posted, shmoo found the cat entranced. He was staring out the door to the porch intently.

So we look on the porch to see what he’s obsessed with, and there’s a ginormous pigeon, on the porch rail. Excuse the blurriness of the shot, I took it through the door so he wouldn’t fly off.

Then shmoo quietly opened the door just a touch. Where Bri could get a paw thru. So he attempted to go-go-gadget his paw towards the bird.


First! Knitting content.

Another Log Cabin washcloth is almost done.

I have started the Yoda Sweater designed by Cari. I am doing this in some Peter Pan acrylic something or other. It was Odessa 2 but I ripped it because I wanted to use it for this.

And I haven’t made any more progress on anything else. I have, however, set up a knitting chatroom on the IRC network I am always on. While I may not be there all the time, my computer is. If you’d like to drop in, just click on the link on the sidebar and go from there.

Finally, the picture below is from last week. We were eating hotwings, and because we were in the living room, I was sitting on the floor and close to the coffee table. Daisy was waiting, not quite patiently, to swoop in and grab anything I dropped, and this is the face that peered up at me the entire time I ate.


So yesterday while trolling the intarwebs, I finally stumbled across Mama E’s profile.

I knew that she had been making yarn and it was being named for people I knew (two of the sucky knitting girls in fact) but it just didn’t dawn on me she might be local.

So, yeah, her profile says “Charm City” Maryland. Hrmm.. Charm City!!?? (Yes, just like the old cowboy in that old Pace picante commercial.) I go to mapquest…. no Charm City… ok.. google…Aha! Charm City is Baltimore! Well, hell!

So I go to knitting group last night, and lo and behold, Mama E (and her cool friend Cheryl) have come to knit with us. And they are funny! Lord knows I love funny people. I am pretty sure they thought I was funny too, and there is nothing better than someone who gets your jokes.

So we had a great time, and laughed and laughed. And we even knit some too!

I finished most of the blue scrap scarf while there. And I finished it up this morning.

It’s now soaking in the sink. I had several thoughts while I was knitting it. “Aw, man, I should have made this wider and made placemats out of it.” But there wasn’t enough yarn for that. And then, “Shit! I could have made Daisy another sweater very quickly with this, it would have looked great and been soft for her.” But, then I would have had more yarn left over, and it’s getting warm, so she doesn’t NEED another doggie sweater anytime soon, and getting her to try it on wouldn’t be pleasant. So perhaps the scarf was the right thing to do. It’s very soft and sproingy. It’s also pretty if you like shades of blue. I don’t know if I will keep it, or gift it, or even donate it, but regardless, it’s done.

So I started on a second scrap scarf. Also with Batman yarn. All garter stitch this time, and the addition is Dalegarn Stork in red. Another stashbusting quickie. Yay.

Now, I have a why question. Whhhhhyyyyy are cats, who hate having baths, obsessed with running water? Why? The water in their bowls; the water in the sink; the water when you take a bath, even the water in the commode. Why? I just don’t understand.

Bri takes this obsession with running water so far that you can’t leave a drink on your desk, or side table unattended because he will deliberately knock it over just to watch the contents pour out. Of course, he also deliberately knocks off other random things from tables, and shelves. You catch him at it, tell him no, and he’ll shoot you a look, and there’s still a 50% chance he’ll do it anyway.

*Sigh.* If our pets are this bad, how bad will our children turn out to be?

Bobbing right along.

Shmoo wore his sweater last week while it was still cool. He refused to let me take his picture in it, but it looks great on him. Something about raglan sleeves on men; it just looks right.

I haven’t been knitting very much at all. Honestly, I’ve been playing warcraft. We have a patch that changes some things soon and I am trying to accomplish certain things while it is easier to do so. (Tier 0 gear anyone?)

I have made some hat progress however minor. Just some basic cables and ribs. I am playing with the rib a bit here and there as a tiny cable, semi random-like. I don’t know that it will look good but that’s ok, shmoo will wear it anyway. :)

That’s it for here. I leave you with a picture that I couldn’t resist taking last week. My lumps. :)


This is the second glass I have broken in just under 3 weeks. It was one of my favorites too! This is why our household has a plethora of plastic cups. Classy eh?

Thanks to Amie (RosebyAny in the Sucky Knitting Girls Links) and her suggestion of Aran Painter, I found my afternoon sucked away clicking my mouse and painting away at my cable pattern. It was great. I’ll most likely buy this software once I find employment. (On a side-note, what the hell is wrong with Monster? They send me jobs that have nothing to do with what I entered. Sometimes it’s frustrating, to say the least.)

Since it was the free demo copy, I just clicked away like a maniac and did screenshots to share how they looked.

First up, the cable as plotted on the graph paper.

Next, how it looks in a repeat. (Yay for photoshop!)

I like this, but it’s just so BIG.

So I did some tweaking, and about the 3rd or 4th tweak through, I came up with this.

And the repeat….

I think I am happiest with the second one, just for ease of doing it and overall appearance. You really need several repeats to appreciate the motif and when it’s huge, you just can’t have as many. So it looks like I’ll be charting again. (Note: If I had purchased the software, after I tinkered with it, it would have printed me a chart, or directions, or set it up in html for easy sharing with the world. Nice.)

And finally, I leave you today with a gratuitous cat shot. Here is Bri, busted playing with one of the dog’s stuffies. Ironic when you consider that the only toys she plays with now are his cat toys.

Project: Not a failure after all

Ok so yesterday, I boiled that damned hat. BOILED IT. No shrinking. I washed it with a load of jeans on hot. No shrinking. Finally, in desperation, I threw it in the dryer with the jeans. At last! It shrunk right back up to it’s original size. YIPPEEE! But now I have to get the lint off of it.
Here is my lovely model, lint and all.

I the mean time, Hello Interweave Knits Spring 2006! I love finding you in my mailbox. What I really loved, was the picture of the sweater on the back in the add for Classic Elite’s new book, Boathouse. OMG! I want! It’s….lovely.

As for inside the mag, I liked the following, but of course that is no guarantee I’ll get around to making them, I still haven’t made the other things on my list from older IKs.

The Caftan Pullover (page 26). I love the way it looks. I love that it’s written in my size and I don’t have to play the “MathGame” with it. I don’t quite like how low it goes and I hate moss stitch, but damn the detailing on this thing is F-I-N-E fine.

Trellis Scarf (page 56). Another little lace item. But I like the way it looks, and the pattern even uses Knit Picks yarn so I wouldn’t have to dream up a substitution.

Aran Rose (page 60).Wow. I LOVE this sweater. Shmoo said he likes it as well. Direct Quote: “That’s very nice.” It isn’t in my size, so MathGame it is. But I do love it. I might even make it in pink!

Simply Lovely Lace Socks (page 64). Ohh so cute! And they look great for spring and summer. Unfortunately all the sock yarn I have is variegated or in manly dark shmoo colors, so this would mean acquiring more yarn. Something I am trying to stay away from right now. But I will certainly keep them in mind for future socking.

prairie Tunic (page 88). I like this a lot. Clean, simple, but nice details. Also, no MathGame for it either. On the downside, I would need a strapless bra, because while the back detailing is really nice, there’s not much in the way of straps going on. Also I feel like it would just show too much chubby skin, and that’s just not attractive. So while I like it, I don’t really see it getting knitted up any time this decade.

And that’s it. My summary of IK Spring 06 is complete.

Also, today I have a job interview. I hope I end up liking it. I am not worried so much about the interview. More about if I will actually like the job if I get it. I also hope the company is receptive to ideas, because I already have a few for it. We shall see.

It’s always best to let sleeping dogs lie, don’t you think?

EDIT: Interview went really well. And Joann’s is having a sale on Patton’s Classic Merino wool. The yarn called for in the Aran Rose pattern in IK spring 06. AND.. free shipping from the code on the front of the website. I ordered the yarn to do this sweater, even got the same color. I think this is the first time ever I have not subbed. Woohoo.

Heavy Laden Branches

To the delight of shmoo, it snowed yesterday. I took pictures for my family back home. It would seem the lovely Georgia winter in Maryland has come to an end. The trees are heavy laden with their burdens like tired old men shuffling up the drive to their doors.

This was yesterday as it started to snow.

This was early this morning as shmoo went to work.

This is our porch, covered completely in snow.

This was several hours later as things started to warm up.


Ok, enough with the weather. On to the knitting!

I made some progress on my felted bag Friday night. Not a lot, but some. I am just (barely) over the halfway mark now and hope to be done and felting by the end of this week.
I also started yet another project. I know, I know.. I have enough already, but…I had to! I am donating some yarn to a local group that does stuff for project Linus. As I was going thru the stash, I came across the Lion Brand Thick n Quick Chenille I used for hats last year. I asked shmoo if he wanted one made of it because it is really warm, otherwise I was giving the yarn away. He said he thought it would look like a pimp-hat, but would take a look at a swatch. So I swatched. He didnt like it, but I thought it would be great in the square entrelac panels that make up Knittys Danica. So I started it last night, because it doesnt count when the project is stash-busting right? I am using size 11s and it is about a foot and a half across. It is going to be a huge scarf. I have different amounts of yarn left so the color pattern will progressively become monotone as I just use up what I have until nothing is left. It should be interesting anyway. And who doesnt need a warm scarf with all that snow?

I leave you with a picture of a pitiful Daisy, desperate for love and attention from shmoo. I remember when she was my dog. *sigh* :)

Live Dangerously, Don’t Swatch Hat

Mr. Woolly models the hat.

Pattern: Live Dangerously, Don’t Swatch Hat by Susan Lawrence.
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden, color 225, less than one ball.
Needles: Swallow Casein US sz 9 dpns, purchased from The Knitting Zone. (picture below)

Modifications: None. However, I did use the k2 p2 suggested rib for the body of the hat.

Swallow Casein Needles, made from skim milk! How freaky is that?

Laid out under a “Reveal” lightbulb so you can see the colors clearly.

Check out that I-cord edge!


I made this hat for a young man I know, whose birthday is this month, though I am not sure exactly when. He has another gift, but since his brother was the recipient of the Bobby Socks, I don’t want him to feel left out in the hand knitting department. Honestly, I don’t know if he likes hand knits or not. Hopefully he’ll like the hat.

The pattern was really easy, and it was neat doing a hat from the crown out instead of starting at the bottom like I normally do. I also learned a new technique, the I-Cord cast off. I really like the edge it makes, despite my confusion as to what to do when I got to the end of it.

I still don’t LOVE Noro Silk Garden like everyone else who has used it seems to LOVE it, but I don’t hate it as much as I did. I really do like the way the colors shift, but it’s no Lamb’s Pride.

Bri sniffs at Mr. Wooley