No July Knitting (nats vs baysox)

Because honestly, I’ve lost my knitting mojo this month. It’s too damn hot and humid to do much, if any, knitting. And so I haven’t knit.
What I have done however is go to two baseball games. So I shall tell you about those.

The first was on July 4th. We went to see the Nats play and had really great seats that we got for about 25 bucks off each. They were still 60 dollar seats though, and while my cheap little heart squeezed in distress at that, we wanted to go out and do something, and have it be a little special, and nice seats were a way of doing that. Nats stadium is very pretty as stadiums go and there’s really not a bad seat in the house. I did over all find it to be a bit too loud for me, and ended up with a massive headache and had forgotten to bring any Advil for just such an emergency. Nats stadium also has the advantage of being right there off of Metro. So we had metro’d in, walked the half block to the stadium, and bam we were there. No muss, no fuss, no paying to park (free metro parking due to holiday) and no having to deal with DC traffic. Metro does have the downside of making me motion sick on the best of days however, so while I find the convenience of it rather handy, I hate the actual riding on it. We watched the whole game, which had gone into an extra inning. The Nats actually won, and over all, we were not disappointed with our day out. It was just special/costly enough to be something we had done for the holiday and we enjoyed ourselves, despite the heat, headache, the really drunk dude heckling the Cubs’ pitchers constantly, and the insane costs of shitty beer and food (rough food estimates were around 50+ bucks total spent for 2 beers, and 2 bratworst (no condiments!). 1st beer was a 12oz an of Coors Light, 2nd was a Sam Adams draft also around 12 oz. I drank water, which they allow you to bring in one bottle each, unopened.)

The second game we went to was last night. We went to see the Bowie Baysox. They are the AA affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, and they were playing the Nats AA team, the Harrisburg Senators.* We had 3rd row seats on the end of the row behind home plate. Our tickets were 14 bucks each and came with “free” food. (The would have been 11 bucks each without the “free” food option.) So we had two really good seats, dinner (a foot-long hotdog (with better/many more condiments stands than the Nats), a popcorn, and a bag of peanuts each), and a nice evening watching the game. Parking was free, and we got to drive there instead of having to use Metro, so I was already in a better mood once we arrived. Parking was also pretty darned close to the entrance as well, and it’s not like we got there that early. Beer choices were a lot better and a lot cheaper than at the Nat’s stadium, and the food choices seemed more diverse as well. And when shmoo came back from grabbing another beer, and me a lemonade, stating that he didn’t want to talk about the pretzel, because it had just fallen from the sky and into his mouth, I made him share it with me. And the pretzel was a damn sight better that the one I had at Nats stadium on Stitch-N-Pitch night back at the end of May. We spent around 35 dollars. (2 24oz beers, one was Molsen, the other was a Corona Extra, 1 pretzel, 1 Bicardo Mohito, 1 lemonade. I had the Mohito and Lemonade, and we were also able to bring in water. As for the “free” food, we ate a both of the hotdogs, about 3/4 of the popcorn and took the peanuts home.) The crowd was a lot better too. No one was being a drunk beligerant asshole, and the game was just as good as the Nat’s game we saw.** The Baysox won and traffic getting out wasn’t insane. We were back home, parked in the driveway less than 30 minutes later.***

So, after discussing it on the way home, shmoo and I both feel that the Baysox was better all the way around. (And not just because I remembered to bring Advil with me just in case. Which I needed, and was thankful I had it.) We don’t regret seeing the Nats like we did, but for future baseball urges, we are going Baysox. In fact, he even mentioned getting season tickets as a possibilty for next year. I am thinking we should just get an 8 game package myself, as 8 games over a 5 month period is probably enough for us. If we get really crazy, maybe we’ll do 11.

*- Some guy named Bryce Harper was playing for the Senators and people went nuts with the cameras every time he got on deck. Based on my google search last night after getting home, he was the Nat’s first round draft pick last year, and is up and coming or something.

**- I *might* be of the opinion that baseball is baseball so ymmv. It’s got a lot of downtime to it, and I remember when I’d go watch in college, we’d almost always take some homework to get done while we watched. It’s not that I don’t like baseball, I do, but if the teams are equally matched, and it’s not T-Ball level, then it’s pretty much the same to me. For me it’s more about geting out of the house, and away from the computer and enjoying being outside and watching a little ball while you are at it.

***- Also, Tuesday night was Tailgate Tuesday, which we didn’t participate in, but had we gotten there early enough to do so, it was 2 buck draft beers and live music from 5-7, with the game starting at 7.

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  1. You reminded me that baseball games are fun, easy nights out :) My husband and I aren’t sports people (just motorcycles) but I now remember having a good time at the Everett Aquasox (that name was dated before they finished printing the jerseys). Laid back, not too expensive and no boisterous fanatics. Hope your summer cools off some for you!

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