June’s knitting

I knit a Jayne hat while off camping. But it’s for a swap and I haven’t yet put the pompon on it. So no picture of it yet.
I also knit a tea cosy the night I finished my first Swedish Fish sock, and it turned out lovely.
It was a one night knit, while we were watching T.V. It only took about 2.5 hours, if that long.
The yarn is/was a peachy salmon handspun merino/tencel blend (held double) that I got on Etsy, and I was really happy with the yarn when I made and now I am really happy with the tea cosy.
And I still have enough left to do another little something, the question is just what that little something should be.


I did not put the button on it yet, but just used some bits of yarn to tie the button hole to the fabric instead. Not perfect, but it works and it’s impressive what a difference it makes for keeping my tea hot.

As to the Swedish Fish sock, I hate it. It’s a cute sock, the colors contrast great, and I should love it.
But I don’t. I think it looks awful on and now it’s in time out. I’ll have to think about it and revisit it some other time after it’s been washed, blocked, and left to behave itself for a bit.

For those of you in Canada, Happy Canada Day. And if you’re in the States, Happy 4th of July.
And I guess the rest of you can just piss right off. ;)

(No, there’s nothing wrong with your feed reader, I cheated and back-dated my post to be in June instead of posting on July 2.)

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  1. My husband and I enjoyed your open letter LOL! Seriously, could the dog have peed on anything else? Have a happy 4th and better luck next time with camping neighbors :)

  2. Yes, it was just another Monday here, the day between the 3rd and the 5th.

    We used to have a teacosy and now I’m left wondering what happened to it.

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