April in Summary

So, April is almost over, so I figured I should post.

I’ve spun a little.
I’ve knit a little.
I’ve grown seeds into seedlings and then had the birds eat them after I put them in their permanent pots and decided that I wasn’t going to have bird feeders on the porch anymore during spring and summer.

So I’m letting some of the back up seedlings grow a bit more and and I’ll try putting them in the big pots again, and hopefully this time, in a few months I’ll have tomatoes instead in a few days the birds eating them all.

One Reply to “April in Summary”

  1. I cleaned my feeder and filled it up for the goldfinches that my husband saw nesting in the hedge. The ungrateful little wretches haven’t been near it.

    The drying skeins look good, they look big too.

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