Sick of Snow.

So.. it snowed a lot in D.C. this past weekend. LIke.. 3 feet or so.

Check this time lapse someone did of all the snow.

This past weekend was also shmoocon. Which I wasn’t attending this year, but shmoo was going to, until he had to cover for people not showing up to work and worked 24 hours straight. So he missed his own con. :/ We went into D.C. Friday night when all this had started to have dinner with friends, but ended up having to eat at McD’s because Lebanese Taverna had closed and canceled our reservation and then the Metro was closing all above ground rail service so we didn’t have time for nice dinner before we had to get out, or we’d have been stuck. And at that point, shmoo already had people calling in on him, so we knew we had to get out.

And then, our neighbors went crazy digging out themselves and blocked many of the rest of us in. And even the road in our cul de sac so badly that the plow can’t get through at all.

And now it’s snowing again. AGAIN. Like.. 20 more inches again.
So that’s almost 5 feet of snow in less than a week. And neither myself nor D.C. are really prepared for this kind of thing.
And the plow… still can’t get back through our road. Have I mentioned how much I like my neighbors?

But I took some pictures of all this crazy, and now I am trying to convince shmoo that we really need to move back to Ga, and that he would like it there. I could be lying to him of course, but I don’t like Maryland anymore. Not. One. Bit.


More photos HERE.