Seriously. It’s been a hard month.

Daisy is fine btw, still some left side weakness but expected to recover fully. Her staples are out and she’s going to have a small scar, but that’s ok. It seems like you shouldn’t come through something like that without a scar.

2 feet of snow this past weekend. None of shmoo’s employees can manage to get their shit together and show up for work, despite knowing they are critical staff, and this is part of their hiring agreement. He was supposed to be off Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, and then cover the end of the week for one of the guys to be off with his kids for Christmas.

Instead he had to work 7pm-7am to cover the night manager who called in 6 hours before he had to be at work… and then the owner had to cover the day shift, because the girl that was supposed to be in called out last minute, because she tried to get shmoo to cover her shift and was all “what?” when told he could not because he had to work over night already. The weenie night manager then called in again, but got the other night guy to come in for him, and the other night guy called us this morning at 7am, because princess-can’t-come-to-work No Call/No Showed.

THEN!… shmoo goes out to get into his jeep and go to work to relieve the night guy… and his Jeep, it is gone. GONE. Not been towed. Oh no. One of the neighbors saw someone come take it at 2:00am. They pulled up in a Jeep Wrangler, stole our Cherokee, and left, following each other out.

THEN, after being on the phone with the police, the night manager calls shmoo to say for a THIRD NIGHT, he still can’t make it in, because his window is cracked….. CRACKED. CALLED IN 10 HOURS AHEAD OF TIME because he it was “unsafe to drive” which is total bullshit, his window had been cracked for months, and it was a 10 buck fix, and he fucked up and didn’t get it done, and now he has to live with that, and he is gonna use his fuck up to call out.

Unfortunately, he was trumped by shmoo’s jeep being stolen. Thanks for playing asshole, try again. Also, try showing up for work sometime.

So shmoo called the night guy back AND the owner to say, “this sucks, but hey, jeep stolen!” So the owner went in again today to cover the day shift.

While he was on the phone with the insurance company, the police called back to say they had found the Jeep, and did we want to save the impound fees and go get it. Why yes, yes we did. So we went way out to Bowie, (and well surprised the Jeep made it that far, it has issues!) and got it. It was still running when we got there. Apparantly when they abandoned it, they didn’t shut it off BECAUSE THEY HAD TORE OUT THE IGNITION AND SCREWED THE STEERING COLUMN. They stole another Jeep Cherokee from the place they dumped ours, and left. We drove it to our repair guy and left it. It’s a 600 dollar fix, but we have it back, and it runs. so yay, or something.

And now, shmoo is planning to work tomorrow (his final day off he was supposed to have this week) because that stupid girl STILL won’t return any calls, and even turned off her phone while he was calling her.

Apparantly the economy is fucking brilliant because none of these fuckers want to work and this one girl is just begging to be fired at this point. It’s a good damned thing I am not her manager because she would already be out and I would arranging to dock her pay for all the hours she didn’t show up from her last check. I don’t want shmoo to have to work 2 weeks straight between covering for everyone and then firing this girl, but damn, at least then we know what our plans are from day to day and don’t have to keep changing them because no one is showing up for work like they should.   We can’t even go to the grocery store because every time we have planned to do so, something else has gone nuts.

I am ready for this to be over.



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  1. Caroline M on December 22, 2009 4:03 am

    Where to start? Some people need to be looking for new jobs come the new year because they obviously don’t care about the ones that they have. We can’t all stay home when it snows (I can as lomg as there’s milk and bread in the house but then I don’t have a job at all!)

    I feel for you with the car, we had one go where they shredded the ignition to start it and it looked so pathetic with all the wires hanging there.

    I’m glad that Daisy is on the mend, some good news there then.

  2. Carol on December 26, 2009 9:02 pm

    What a bunch of freaking wimps. I remember the winter it snowed for 2 weeks. The last blizzard dumped so much snow my car looked like a snowdrift. I still got to work, beings as how I am essential services. I was a bit late, due to the dig out, but I showed!

  3. Knit Nurse on December 27, 2009 3:42 am

    Eugh, what a bummer. Surely these people shouldn’t be in jobs?!

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