So, like.. it’s cold. Fall is definitively here and I just want to say, I’d like a little more of cool late summer back please!

Vacation was good and much needed.

I got yarn.

And new awesomely awesome shoes, which it is now too cold to wear….

And my mom caught a really big fish. (They said it was a King Mackerel, but to me, fish is fish is fish, and it’s all yuck, so…yay fish or something.)

I love my family, and I miss Georgia in a bajillion numerous ways and when I land at Hartsfield airport, even though we are just passing through, it still feels like I am coming home. But vacation always puts things back into perspective, and while I miss many things about Georgia and missing seeing my family, I know that I am happier not living too close to them. I am not any easier to live with than they are mind you, but my quirks are different. And a lot of the things that send me right up the wall are things they don’t even notice, and vice versa.

I am not sure when shmoo and I developed an exclusive language that no one around us can understand, but it seems we have. I guess you just notice more when around others. And! He’s seen how crazy my family is and understands that I will be that crazy someday, and in fact am often at least halfway there now, if not more. And he still loves me!

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  1. Ha! I think all families have a private language. At least, I recently started asking people about private family terms and eveyrone has em.

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