Experimental Carding.

I bought some glitz. A rather lot of it. I have this nice really black Alpaca see… and it’s been in my fiber stash for over a year…. waiting on me to spin it… and when I got the carder, it occurred to me to use what I just learned in the Camp Pluckyfluff class and make myself some batts like the one I got from Loop last year.

So here’s the first glitzy alpaca bat I made. (Beside it is a batt made with the roving that is sitting on top of it, from when I was playing “get to know your carder”, and now I am thinking of doing all the remaining roving I have of that stuff in the carder as well, it makes it so light and floofy! But I also have another plan for that roving so it shall have to wait to see if the first plan sucks or not.)


And here’s how it turned out. It’s a bit rough.


And here’s the comparison shot with the Loop batt I spun last year. My sample is not near as smooth nor did it spin as fine. Some of this is because I think the Alpaca isn’t as clean as it could be. Some of this is, I believe, because I didn’t card it enough.


So here’s the next batt experiment. It is waiting to be spun up now. But I need to clear some stuff off bobbins, so it’s in the queue instead just being done.


Oh and here’s the rovings I got from the Cloverleaf Farms booth at MSW. 50/50 Merino/Silk. YUM. The blue/green stuff will be 2plied. Not sure about the green/brown, but it’s just … lovely.


Oh and here’s the skein from my rainbow locks experiment all balled up waiting to be used for something.


And I finished another sock yesterday. I am making myself a pair of Pomatomus. Because this pattern seems to move so slow, I am making a pair (or at least one) Monkey sock in between this first sock and the second. But I love how it fits, so the 2nd one is definitely getting made.


And finally, my photo taking “helper”.


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