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Ok so I have lots I could post about, but the camera is in the car still and the cord is I-dunno-where, so, wall of text is all you get today.

I started the Flore hat for a friend who’s gonna be a daddy sometime in the next 7 months or so…

I went camping at Assateague Island National Park last weekend. It was good. Primative but good. Even if the great outdoors decided it hated me and gave me two days of hives and a week of itchy eyes in return. Daisy was funny on the beach, it was her first time seeing the ocean, and the water was really really cold. She followed me in when I went to get some sea water to take home though, and got soaked, and then spent a half hour being really pitiful so we would hold her all wrapped up and warm.

I used the sea water in my latest soap. The soap turned out lovely to use, if ugly to look at. 50% Coconut, 30% Shea Butter, 15% Castor, and 5% Castor. Sea water, Dead Sea Mud, Kelp Granules, and Coarse Sea Salt. I scented it with Citrus Basil, which I am running out of and the supplier shut down, so no more once it’s gone. It’s a shame too, cause it smells like pure sunshine to me. The soap itself is a drabby gray and looks rather granite like with the salt and kelp specs in it, but it lathers up so fine and small it’s almost lotiony and it feels nice to use.

My spinning class with Lexi Beoger was this past Thurs and Friday. I’ll be honest, I took it for the experience and the knowledge to do this kind of thing in case it is something I wish to do someday or get something crazy in mind, but it’s really not my kind of spinning. I had a good time though and learned a lot.

Then on Saturday we went to MSW. I took no photos, and it was raining anyway. I did bump into Carol Sulcoski however, but didn’t recognize her at the time, and that’s a shame too because I read her blog and I would have liked to tell her that I like it. (I’m a lurker folks, sad but true. If you get regular/semi-regular comments from me, then know that must really like you or something, because I generally hate leaving comments.)

So I went into MSW with a list. I was going to look at the Signature Needle Arts needles, A drum carder, a Kromski Harp Rigid Heddle Loom, maybe a fleece, and maybe a tiny bit of prepped roving since I have so much already. Oh and possibly a wooley winder if the other stuff did not pan out. I bought some US 2 dpns from SNA and then I wandered around and looked Strauch drum carders. I wanted Petite. I found one at the Earth Guild’s booth for the same price as the one from the Strauch booth, and the Earth Guild’s carder came with a free starter set of Lanaset dyes. So while thinking about this… I wondered around and looked at the fleece sale, which was just too crowded and I’ll be honest, I have two fleeces already processed that were just sitting at home waiting on me, so I didn’t feel like I should be buying a fleece. I stopped by Cloverleaf Farm’s booth as I do every year though, and bought 8 ozs total of 50/50 wool silk blend roving. Gorgeous. I’ll have to make a point of getting photos taken and up for you to drool over. And then wandered around some more….bought 4 ozs of very colorful dyed locks…. went back for the carder finally from the Earth Guild booth. I hadn’t seen the loom I wanted anywhere really, and when I mentioned it to the guy checking me out, he pointed right to one in their booth. All set up and ready to go and the were selling it with the warp on it. I really considered it. But after some talking it over with shmoo (he was all for it for the most part) I decided to wait. They didn’t really have a box to carry it in, and we were already taking out the carder as it was. Shmoo also said he wanted me to get the stand when I get one because he doesn’t want the loom on *his* coffee table. I considered that and figured, ok, he’s probably right there. But I personally postponed buying the loom for 3 months. I don’t know about but you, but when I get too many toys at once, I tend to bounce around between them all and don’t really spend any quality time with any of them. I didn’t want that to be the case with the carder and the loom.

So.. back home we go. If you don’t count the walking to and from the car time, I spent just under and hour at MSW. I feel shamed every year that I only go one day and don’t stay that long. But the people overwhelm me. I think that next year I will skip it altogether unless I decide I want a fleece or two. Really, there’s not much you can’t find online these days and have delivered and since I don’t really get into the community of knitting anymore, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with just not going.

So once home, before left for the Kentucky Derby cookout we were going to…. I got out the carder and the locks and my combs and the baby alpaca fleece that I had in the basement… and started carding. I made a rainbow of bats. 2 shades each of red, yellow/gold, green, and blue. I padded the locks out with the baby alpaca as I went, and have since spun up all but 2 of the batts. (the red ones) onto a bobbin. I have taken no pictures of this process at all, or it’d make a great blog entry. Oh well. I was excited. I plan to chain ply this once it’s all done up and then knit the one row handspun scarf pattern from it. I should at least have a picture of the yarn fairly soon once it’s done, so at least you’ll have something to see then.

I also cast on a pair of socks with the SNA needles. And they are very nice. I am not sure they are as nice as all the reviews say they are, but yes, they are nice to knit with.

And that’s it. I am out of words!



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  1. Caroline M on May 4, 2009 4:03 pm

    If it makes you feel any better, last year we went to Woolfest for the weekend, we were stopping all of twenty minutes away and I STILL only spent an hour there. I think I’m skipping it this year because I have more than enough of everything already. This is the year where I spin it up, weave it up and move it out.

  2. KathleenC on May 5, 2009 5:30 pm

    I went on Sunday.
    Oh yeah, it was wet wet wet, but there were no crowds. There were plenty of people still, but I could actually get into the booths and talk to vendors. No lines anywhere. I had heard warnings of low inventory, but I felt as if there was plenty left.
    Bad side of it though… getting into the booths, talking to the vendors and plenty of good stuff left… meant that I spent way more than I had intended to.
    Oh well!

  3. Carol on May 6, 2009 1:17 pm

    I find shows like that a bit overwhelming. Not just the number of people, but the sheer volume of fibre-y goodness. I just get brain-locked.

  4. Amie on May 7, 2009 2:08 am

    Hey, stranger! Thanks for the comment on Liberty – it’s going to be an experience getting her over the torture she’s been through!

    I didn’t even go to MD. Had dinner with out of town friends, but otherwise didn’t go to the festival. Didn’t miss it a bit!

  5. Annie Pazoo on May 17, 2009 9:47 pm

    Ya, the people at MSW can be way overwhelming. Those darn cute sheep make up for it — a bit. And the border collies – also darn cute. I’m amazed there’s not an entrance fee (I’d be willing to pay one – like early admission to beat the crowds!) Still, it was a lovely festival (our first…we’ll be back)

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