Addons I like.

This is a Warcraft post. If you don’t play, it’s probably not worth reading.

( I think i should note I am probably going to start posting more about Warcraft seeing as it’s most of what I do with my free time. I still knit and spin and such, but shmoo and I play wow together, and so it happens more often than the solo crafting.)

If you do, here’s a list of all the addons I use and what they do. Some are for my mage, some are for my feral tanking druid, some are for healing… but most get used by all, and there’s a lot of them. Every now and then I try to go through and remove a few, or find something new that replaces two or three with just one. And sometimes, I go for the small bits that just do specific things instead of something that does a bunch of what I don’t want. Some are even just for fun, and have no real purpose, but I think I have taken most of those out because the list just got so long. Regardless, here’s the list, and I consider a few on here must-haves for playing at all anymore.

Ace2 – AddOn development framework

AckisRecipeList – Scans your tradeskills and tells you which recipes you are missing, along with information on how to obtain them.

AltClickToAddItem – AltClick an item in your bag to add it a mail, auction, or trade frame, and alt-click to buy a stack if reagents.

Atlas – Instance Map Browser

Atlas_Battlegrounds – Battleground Maps

Atlas_DungeonLocs – Dungeon Locations

Atlas_OutdoorRaids – Outdoor Raid Encounters

Atlas_Transportation – Transportation Maps

AtlasLoot – Shows the possible loot from the bosses

AtlasLootFu – Minimap button for AtlasLoot

Auc-Advanced – AuctioneerAdvanced, An addon to help keep track of items values. You must at least enable a statistics extension (like Auc:Stats:Simple) to start tracking stats.

AutoProfitX – Automatically sells low quality gray items and selected white items to the vendor.

BabyWigs – Boss warnings for low-level 5-man instances. (Yes, I was bored)

BabyWigs_Deadmines – Big Wigs The Deadmines Modules

Bartender4 – Simple and Advanced combined – Bartender4 ActionBar AddOn

BigBrother – Checks Raid Buffs/Flasks & Alerts who breaks Polymorph/Shackle

BigWigs – Modular, lightweight, non-intrusive approach to boss encounter warnings.

BigWigs_BlackTemple – Big Wigs Black Temple Modules

BigWigs_Extras – Big Wigs Extra Plugins

BigWigs_EyeOfEternity – Big Wigs Eye Of Eternity Modules

BigWigs_Hyjal – Big Wigs Hyjal Modules

BigWigs_Karazhan – Big Wigs Karazhan Modules

BigWigs_Naxxramas – Big Wigs Naxxramas Modules

BigWigs_Northrend – Big Wigs Northrend Modules

BigWigs_Outland – Big Wigs Outland Modules

BigWigs_Plugins – Big Wigs Core Plugins

BigWigs_SC – Big Wigs Serpentshrine Cavern Modules

BigWigs_Sunwell – Big Wigs Sunwell Modules

BigWigs_TheEye – Big Wigs The Eye Modules

BigWigs_ZulAman – Big Wigs Zul’Aman Modules

Capping – Battleground timers and other goodies.

Carbonite – Carbonite Quest by Carbon Based Creations

ChainLink – Adds URL and chat-channel hyper-linking to the chat frames.

ChatStamp – Add timestamps to chat messages.

ClassButtons_v3 – Minimalism is key here. Creates 4 rows of vertical buttons & one row of horizontal buttons at the bottom w/ class specific abilitys. settings.lua for configuration.

Clique – Simply powerful click-casting interface

CowTip – Tooltip of awesomeness. Moo. It’ll graze your pasture.

CraftList2 – EnchantList, GemList and CraftList finally united

Decursive – Affliction display and cleaning for solo, group and raids with advanced filtering and priority system.

DoubleWide – Make QuestLog a DoubleWide! (v0.7)

EnhTooltip – Used to display enhanced tooltips under the original tooltip or in the original tooltip, contains hooking functions for almost all major in game item tooltips [5.1.3715] This AddOn is licensed under the GNU GPL, see GPL.txt for details.

EQCompare – Compare equipped inventory items against items in chatframe hyperlink and bags/bank.

Fane – Improved chat tabs!

FishermansFriend – Doublerightclick casting, autolure and sound enhancing

FreeRefills – Automatic Refilling of User Defined Items

FriendShare – Synchronizes your friends and ignore lists across your alts.

FuBar – A panel that modules can plug into.

FuBar_DurabilityFu – Keeps track of durability and pops up a dialog to repair when you go to a vendor who can.

FuBar_FactionsFu – Shows your standings with the factions.

FuBar_FriendsFu – Displays online friends.

FuBar_GarbageFu – Drops the least valuable item in your bags to make space.

FuBar_GuildFu – Displays online guild mates.

FuBar_KillMeterFu – Tracks experience per kill and kills to next level.

FuBar_MiniPerfsFu – A lightweight and minimalistic performance monitor

FuBar_MoneyFu – Keeps track of current money and all your characters on one realm.

Gatherer – Gatherer, displays stuff you gather in your minimap and world map

Gatherer_HUD – The HUD is a navigation component that allows you to track the location of gatherables on your screen in a heads-up style overlay.

GathererDB_Wowhead – Gatherer preloaded database, courtesy of

Grid – A modular, lightweight and screen-estate saving grid of party/raid unit frames

GridLayoutForHealers – Adds common healer layouts for Grid

GridoRA2Layouts – Adds oRA2 MT and pets Layouts to Grid

GridSideIndicators – Adds indicators to the sides of Grid frames.

Informant – Displays detailed item information in tooltips, and can produce item reports by binding an information window to a keypress [5.1.3715] This AddOn is licensed under the GNU GPL, see GPL.txt for details.

LibRockModuleCore-1.0 – Module library

LittleWigs – Boss warnings for Lich King 5-man dungeons.

LittleWigs_Auchindoun – Little Wigs Auchindoun Modules

LittleWigs_Coilfang – Little Wigs Coilfang Reservoir Modules

LittleWigs_Coldarra – Little Wigs Coldarra Modules

LittleWigs_CoT – Little Wigs Caverns of Time Modules

LittleWigs_Dalaran – Little Wigs Dalaran Modules

LittleWigs_Dragonblight – Little Wigs Dragonblight Modules

LittleWigs_HellfireCitadel – Little Wigs Hellfire Citadel Modules

LittleWigs_Howling_Fjord – Little Wigs Howling Fjord Modules

LittleWigs_MagistersTerrace – Little Wigs Magisters’ Terrace Modules

LittleWigs_Stratholme – Little Wigs Stratholme Modules

LittleWigs_TempestKeep – Little Wigs Tempest Keep Modules

LittleWigs_Ulduar – Little Wigs Ulduar Modules

LittleWigs_Zul’Drak – Little Wigs Zul’Drak Modules

MrPlow – Regain that wasted space!

Omen – A lightweight, flexible, multi-target threat meter.

OpenAll – Open all your mail

OptiTaunt – Announces resisted taunts (and more) for druids, warriors and paladins.

oRA2 – A CT_RaidAssist alternative

oRA2_Leader – oRA2 Leader modules

oRA2_Optional – oRA2 Optional modules

oRA2_Participant – oRA2 Participant modules

PerfectRaid – Simply powerful raid and party frames

QBar – Dynamic Button Bar of Usable Quest Items in Your Bags

Quartz – Modular casting bar.

QuestAnnouncer – QuestAnnouncer sends a party message as you advance in a quest.

RatingBuster – Item stat breakdown, analysis and comparison

Recount – Records Damage and Healing for Graph Based Display

SexyMap – Spice up ye olde minimap with some sexytime options.

Stubby – Allows on-demand addons to load automatically based upon simple event notification hooks [5.1.3715] This AddOn is licensed under the GNU GPL, see GPL.txt for details.

TankPoints – Calculates and shows your TankPoints in the PaperDall Frame.

TBag – The last bag addon you’ll ever need. Autosorting, viewable anywhere, easy to use yet amazingly configurable.

teknicolor – Color player names in chat by their corresponding raid class colors

Threat-1.0 – A library to provide group threat information

Wardrobe – Define and switch among outfits/gearsets.

WOWEcon_PriceMod – Price Tooltip Module

XPerl – Replaces the normal unit, party, target, pet frames and adds target-of-target.

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  1. Wow! that’s a lot of addons! I think I only have about 6 or 8 if you count all the Auctioneer and Gatherer ones as just 2. :)

    See you at Shmoocon :)

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