So I got an IM yesterday, and a friend (hi Pik!) told me I hadn’t posted in a while on my blog. I agreed and told him why, and was told to stop being lazy. So I’m posting!

I finished my Embossed Leaves sock the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. (Yay personal goal met!) It’s ok, but it doesn’t THRILL me. despite the closeness in the colors of the yarn, the pattern is still obscured a bit, and it just doesn’t look like I think it should. I’ll probably not make a mate for that sock. I do want to do embossed leaves again though and actually end up with a pair. Just not right now.


Thanksgiving was also my Birthday. Yay me. I totally didn’t cook, just reheated a precooked meal from Shoppers. I was disappointed with the deli meal this year. The Turkey didn’t turn as well as it has previously, and the potatoes were blech. The gravy was ok and the stuffing was good despite looking like baby poo, but for the cost of the entire meal, it was a little disappointing. That’s ok, I am cooking for Christmas and we are getting a ham. I am sure that will make my tummy a happy camper.

I haven’t been spinning or doing much knitting at all lately. Mostly just playing warcraft in my free time with shmoo. The expansion means there’s a fuckton of stuff to do and it’s all new and different. I am sure as soon as the new wears off, I’ll slow down my playing. But until then, I am only knitting when we watch T.V.

But I cast on for a new project that I am actually excited about. It’s more than just a keep my hands busy project and I am enjoying it. I am knitting Mintyfresh’s Tapestry Cowl, and using Woolerina’s Speedy Sock in Camo-ish and Violets. (I think, I don’t know where the band is.)

I don’t know that these two colors look super great together, and may not as a brocade, but we’ll see. In the mean time, it’s soft and nice to work with and I am enjoying myself. The double knitting, it’s interesting. I’d have a picture for you but can’t find my cable, so maybe next time.

In other life notes, last night we came home to Daisy suddenly bleeding from her foot all over our carpet. She apparently ripped/chewed off one of her toenails to a little above the quick and it bleed something awful. I have been remiss in clipping her nails lately because I can’t find the clippers, but I stopped on the way to work this morning at Pet Smart and picked up a new pair. I got the ones with the styptic powder in the handle this time, because it is now very obvious to me, shmoo, and our carpet that sometimes, you just need to have some on hand. Daisy is fine btw, and her foot wasn’t bothering her so much as it was making a mess, and she just didn’t want to sit still and let me hold her while it stopped.

That’s about it really. Work is crazy, there just isn’t enough time in the day, and now I had better get back to it.



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  1. Caroline M on December 10, 2008 2:36 pm

    I have what looks like ear pokers (for the life of me I can’t remember what they are really called) with liquid in the plastic part, you snap the end and the liquid runs onto the cotton so you can then poke the bleeding bit. I’ve never had to use one yet but the guinea pigs wriggle so much that it’s only a matter of time. I used to get their nails cut at the vets but she made them bleed on two occasions so I thought I could do no worse at home.

    I’m playing Suduko on the Nintendo – what a time suck that is!

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