I am back from Pittsburgh. I got back last Thursday afternoon actually.
It was a good trip but a tiring one. The Hyatt near the airport is nice. I ate one of those sandwiches with slaw and fries on it. I drank a beer. I did a tiny bit of knitting. But not enough to count.

The Friday I was back I got my Tsock Flock package. Another sock I won’t make. But I have plans for the yarn meant to be used with it. So yay, I guess. I won’t be renewing the club membership. I haven’t made any of the socks this year so far. I haven’t gotten any of the extras yet except the moth-away. (Which is really nice, don’t get me wrong, it’s just not 200+ dollars nice.) There is supposed to be some handmade soap, and fiber involved too. The soap of course, doesn’t thrill me since I already make my own, and the fiber might… we’ll have to wait and see. And the 10% discount? I haven’t used it not once. So I feel like it just hasn’t been a good club for me. And it’s not that it’s not a good club.. it’s just not the one for me I don’t think.

I think I am going to cast on for a new project, which is silly when I already have so many going but… whatever! I am going to do it anyway!

If it goes well and I don’t rip it, pictures next week!

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  1. I like the Tsock this time, I’ve done the full thing, worm, limes and cactus (although not all in the same places). The only one so far that I won’t knit is the Frenchman’s Creek – a big frill around my fat calf is not a good look for me. I won’t be joining next year because the change in the exchange rate means that the cost has increased by 50% and that’s pushed it into the realms of silliness.

  2. Yeah, I don’t like the idea of clubs much as you have no contorl over what you get. And it’s alot of money for something you may not want/like

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