These days, I often forget I have a blog. Can you tell? In fact…. I managed to fail to notice that I received my 500th comment recently, when I had made a mental note that it was coming up and to pay attention to it because I wanted to do something special for that person. Well, it’s late, and I don’t have much fan-fare to go with it, but…..

Kris of Bockstark Knits (or Spins…) was my 500th commenter AND it was her first time commenting when she did it. I haven’t finished making my lil something something that I planned on giving to the 500th commenter yet, but it’s coming, so expect an email from me in the near future asking for your snail mail.

….So I finished spinning my HHHH yarn. It was lovely fun. I just kinda relaxed and ended up working on my long draw and woolenish style of spinning. I freely admit that most of the time I spin almost totally worsted, but I have been thinking about trying to put a little more woolen style into things when I can, and it seems my hands are catching up with my brain on this one.

The fiber was from Creatively Dyed’s etsy shop. 4oz 50/50 Merino/Bamboo. About 173 yards of Navajo plied. It reminds me of Sweet Tarts now that it’s done. I am almost sad to be sending this off because I am curious as to how it will knit up. But send it off I will, as soon as I finish up gathering together the rest of the package. I even made a project card for my pal so she can try to recreate the same thing I did to have more yardage if she wishes.

And now I’ll stop with the typey typey and just leave you with some photos.


3 Replies to “Spun”

  1. The first photo is my favorite but that’s because I’m not a big fan of turquoise and there’s none in that shot. I never manage to get that much on a bobbin either spinning or plying, must try harder.

  2. OOOOHHHHH!!!! MEEEE????? Woohoo! And I didn’t even know it! What a nice surprise!!!! I think I am still in shock. :)

    Lovely, lovely spinning, your pal is lucky!

  3. Pretty! I still haven’t gotten around to the Andean plying yet. Life keeps interfering with my knitting/spinning time. blech.

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