The story of Sassafras and Shmoo.

Ok so here’s my sappy Valentine’s day story…

Shmoo and I met playing Warcraft on the Doomhammer server. (My mage is named Sassafras, his hunter’s name should be obvious) I started playing about a month after it was released, and he started playing that June while killing time waiting to be approved to go back to work after a sudden brain tumor. (ok, not sudden, but if you find out about it and get scheduled for surgery within the same 24 hour period, wouldn’t that seem sudden to you?)

I thought he was funny. Hilarious. And he seemed to be on my wavelength with his jokes. So I flirted outrageously for about a month. (Funny has always been the way to my heart.) He finally got a clue and started flirting back a few weeks later. And then we really started talking to each other. And we really clicked.

So that started at the end of July/first bit of August… we spent hours on the phone, and on IM, and then he went back to work…. and few weeks after that, we arrange to meet in person because we had both said within the first 2 days of talking to each other that we didn’t believe in long distance relationships. (I’d done it before, and it sucked and just didn’t want to do it again. Ever.) He flew down in mid September. I was so nervous I spent all day trying to clean an already clean house, cooking Eggplant Lasagna, and panicking. I had the airport’s little plane watch tool going all day to see if the plane would be early or late, since I was just 20 minutes from the airport, and knew I was too nervous to wait around there without freaking out.

I remember jumping in the shower with the doodad saying 45 minutes until landing. And getting out 10 minutes later and it saying 10 minutes until landing and freaking out. I called as I arrived at the airport to be sure he wasn’t waiting. He wasn’t, they had had to wait for another plane to move. So I finally get in and am waiting at the top of the escalators. Heart racing. Freaked out. Panicking. (I find out later that he was waiting at the bottom of the escalators before coming up doing the same thing, and was very close to just never coming out.) And finally, there he is. Yay. We were so nervous. Like blind-date high-school prom nervous. Looking back, it’s funny now. Hell, it was a little funny then too. But then we hugged, and it was ok. And then he mocked my driving without shoes on the way home, and it just felt right. The poor guy met me for the first time, and just a day later was meeting all my co-workers AND more importantly, my family. I’m not saying my Aunt was mean to him, but he still gives me crap about the fact she wore her firearm to dinner. (What? She was coming from work, and was in uniform. Also, she loves me very much.) There might also have been a background check permission form involved as a joke…..

A month later, I came to visit him up here in Maryland and check things out, and a month after that, I was moving in. It was the craziest, most random, irresponsible thing I have ever done. When I look back at how it all happened and how fast it was, I still wonder about my sanity. But I don’t regret it one bit.

I’m not saying “he completes me!” or anything like that. I was a whole, happy, well-adjusted person before we got involved. But knowing him has enriched my life in tons of ways, and I am a better person than I was before I met him. I love you honey!

Happy Valentine’s Everybody.
(next year, the story of my move up….)

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