Weekend in review.

This weekend I did both some knitting and spinning. Usferud is almost complete. The colorwork is all done, and I am only lacking about 3/4s of the liner until it’s finished completely. I should have a post with photos on it next week after I’ve had time to block it and let it dry. Spinning-wise I am still plying, so probably photos on that next week as well.

Between the crafting and gaming this weekend, I’ve also been doing some recording for Libravox. Since I have the fancy mic, I figured I would make it worth its purchase price by using it a lot. So far I’ve completed one section and am working on another section of a collection of bible stories. I figured that familiarity with them would help with the pronunciation on some of those names, and they are rather short, so they are good starter pieces. I won’t be recording an entire book or anything any time soon. You can find the link to my Libravox profile (as well as my Raverly profile, and pretty much any other presence I have on the internet) on the Other Places page that is linked on the left sidebar.

I almost did some weaving this weekend, but alas, it’s just not meant to be as of yet. Wendy has loaned me a small table loom she had taking valuable basement shelf space, as well as the books that came with it, but I have several knitting things I want to get done before the Con, so I am having to behave myself and not start a craft between now and then. Ideally I’ll have Usferud, Shmoo’s socks, and Sahara all finished up by Friday the 15th. Ideally. It seems a bit hurried and crowded with knitting, but if I push, I think I can do it. We shall see.

Photos next time!