Nah Maah Stay?

Last night I attended my first yoga class ever. I hated it. It was an utter misery that left me sore and hurting in the very places it is supposed to help. All the joints that flare up with my RA are all hurting like hell. When you add that to the fact that my body just can’t easily do the things I used to take for granted, it’s just a source of frustration right now. I have 12 classes left…. I hope by the end of it I am not as hostile towards the entire thing.

On a totally non-related note…. I’ve noticed that my website is uber slow lately and it’s made me pissy. I’ve made a few changes I hope will help towards that end, and called godaddy to check on things on their end. (They were unhelpful as usual.) While I was at it, I tried their one click update for wordpress and gallery. It fucked up both of them. Totally. I’ve done a manual update for my blog and that seems to have taken care of it, but I’ve had to totally wipe my gallery and start over manually by myself, so if you went there to look at photos, it’s borked, and might be down a few days. I apologize.

4 Replies to “Nah Maah Stay?”

  1. What a coinkidink! I’ve started Bikram yoga (as of last Wednesday). The first class was absolutely horrible. But afterwards I felt better and the subsequent visits have been a lot better. Still stinks to hell, but a dab of Vick’s Vapor Rub under the nostrils helps. Somewhat.

  2. I suppose it’s too late to wish you a happy new year then? How about a “slightly less terrible nearly new year” instead? I just can’t see that going so well on a card.

  3. Good luck; if you don’t end up bonding with yoga, can I suggest trying pilates? It might suit you better (although you might hate it too I suppose…!)

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