Last week I finally caught up to October 2001, and bought and ipod (black 80gig classic).  It’s nifty and gadgety and will be great when I have to drive further than the 4 miles it takes me to get to work.  And it should be great for the plane on vacation, at least for shmoo, because he can rip our dvds on his macbook pro and convert them to a format that works on the ipod.  Hooray for viewing your own movies on the plane.  Hooray for him I mean, I’ll be knitting!


As for Daisy, she’s much better but still on her meds for another week, and then she’ll be boarded at the vet’s while we go on vacation for another blood test and just for general observation.  She’s pretty much herself again, just spoiled rotten and not wanting to eat dog food anymore. However, I have told her I won’t be making her chicken and rice anymore so she needs to eat what she has.  She sighed and walked off when I did it.

On the knitting front, both the sock and felted bag are progressing, but pretty much look the same.  I am already trying to plan my vacation knitting and keep waffling on what and how much to take.  I haven’t even begun to worry about clothes mind you, just knitting. :)



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  1. kim on September 24, 2007 8:36 am

    I need a vacation, too. I canz snik in ur bagz? /LOLcat

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