So I need to learn how to knit lace because I want to make Rowan 37’s Butterfly. I want to get married in it. Mind you, there is not a date set for this wedding, nor is there even the request of my presence at the altar yet, but I figure that those thing will come with time, and I certainly need the time to make the dress. The dress is done in Kidsilk Haze, and I think I want to use the color Grace. Not positive about this however because on some sites it looks pink (ew) and some it looks faintly lavendar (yes!). Obviously this will entail a trip to a real yarn store to find out for sure.

In the meantime however, there is the Mystery Shawl 2 KAL. I am using cheap-ass red heart acrylic, in Blue Ocean (I think!), and US sz 8 needles. I am not after the “lace” look. I am after the knowledge that creating this piece will give me. I plan on doing this shawl again after I complete it in the cheap worsted. The second one will be done with proper lace yarn after I learn not to lose my place on the chart and cry and tink it back and cuss and then go again.

Clue 3 comes out today. I am not yet done with clue 2. But I started a week late and I am almost done with it. Below is clue 1 completed.

It’s not light, nor airy, nor full of grace. The yarn splits, and there is no delicacy to it at all. It is however, teaching me a lot.