I’ve spent the last couple of weeks making hats for the various men in my life. Ok, the two men in my life. My honey, from here on referred to as shmoo, and my lil’ brother.

For shmoo, I made a single ribbed creation out of some wool that was spun by my lil’ brother’s ex-girlfriend’s mother. She raises sheep and spins. This particular sheepie was clipped for the first time in 2003 and his name was Jack. I got his first skein of yarn. It’s white and brown and black, two ply, and a spun a little uneven, but it’s fabulous. I have demanded that my brother get back together with Dana in order to procure me more yarn from her mother. He is possibly going to organize a swap for me. Homemade soap for homemade wool. I feel that despite the fact that I would give her a batch of 20 or so bars, she would come out on the short end of the deal. I hope she falls for such a trade.

I also made that Cabled Hat from SNBN. Well, I sort of made it. I made a mod in the starting rounds and just did 2×2 rib instead of the 2p2k. I wanted it to flow neatly up into the cables. This hat was the second time I have made this hat and my second experience with cables. The first being the first time I made the hat. (Another story and no pic so I digress. Moving on…) I actually used the recommend Black Sheep Prairie Silk yarn in a color that shmoo picked out and I ordered online. It was the guilder green. I also snagged some in a lighter green for a hat for myself, or someone else, at a later date. While knitting this hat I discovered the Lion Brand dpns that are plastic. They bend and give nicely, and I like the points on them. The Prairie Silk has a nice give too, so for the first time in a while, my hands didn’t hurt when I got finished knitting. Cotton is nice, but it has no give. Alas, the hat ended up too short. I will have to perform emergency lengthening on said hat next week. Here is the green hat. I will post a pic of the gray one when I make him model it for me next week when I visit our new digs in MD.

The green hat in progress on the new lion dpns.

The completed hat blocking on my wig head.

Then there is the 2×2 rib hat I just winged for my lil brother. The previously mentioned Gryffindor hat. I am pleased with it and after making it sat down and planned out my decreases a little better so the next one, also his and still on the needles, (Hey sis, that hat is rocking, can you make me one in just black and gray too?) will have a better pattern at the crown.

He wanted it snug and short. It is. I should finish up his black one this weekend. He’s supposed to come visit me to pick them up. I will try to make him model his black one for me.

Now we come to the non knitting stuff I have been making. Last weekend was to be my last soaping weekend before the move. It’s not. I am going to make one more batch this weekend. THIS weekend shall be the last weekend. I am also thinking about lipbalm. Just because I am down to two tubes from the last batch I made. I love it. I like having it around to give away to friends too. It’s small, easy to have on hand, and fabulous. Besides, who doesn’t like lipbalm? The last batch was a peppermint/spearmint blend. I think this new batch might be that new hibiscus flavor I bought at the soap con and haven’t used yet. YUMMY.

Shmoo hates to shave, so I made shaving mugs for his birthday. This was one of my projects last weekend. I scented them differently so he can lather according to mood. He will be getting these for his birthday. Actually he will be getting them next week when I visit because I am not sure I will be with him on his birthday. Currently it’s looking like I won’t. The dark green mug is scented with a copy of Bulgari and the white mug is scented with a Sweet Orange EO/ Tea Tree EO blend.