Repotting My Aloe

I’ve just about missed the quarterly posting deadline I’ve given myself, again. So today you get to hear about my house plants.

Let me start by saying I am not good at plants. The only plants I’ve been truly successful with have both been transplants/cuttings from plants my co-workers had. I have a Devil’s Ivy and an Aloe.  The Devil’s Ivy has been pretty awesome, mostly because it likes neglect and is fairly forgiving when I forget to water it for 3 weeks.

The Aloe I have is a baby from a coworker’s plant that had a bajillion babies, was finally split, and then distributed to those interested. Today I split off 6 pups from the aloe I was given, trimmed it down, and repotted it.

When I started today after depotting it looked like this:

It was way to big for the root system it had,  was supported by an orchid stick, and still wasn’t really holding itself up very well. So I read on the internets, and then trimmed off a lot of the lower base fronds that were bent, or browning on the tips.

Once done, I was left with a decent sized base stem I could use to root it further into the new taller pot. The plant itself is now much smaller,  able to hold itself upright properly, and still has plenty of room to grow.

The viable pups have also been repotted into spacious new homes and if they survive, I’ll take the smaller ones in to work.

In the meantime, they’ll live in the window with the Devil’s Ivy, where the fluffy cat can chew on the frond ends as usual.