Some Baseball Spinning

So I’ve been spinning while watching baseball lately, mostly on the weekends, as weeknights it’s generally when we eat dinner, but still, spinning!

I’ve cleaned a few things off my bobbins by finishing up 2 spinning projects that have been going off an on for a few years now.
If you’re like me, you’re mostly just here for the photos, and I have put the pertinent details on the photos (click to embiggen if the writing is too small!), so I won’t repeat them here.

The pink stuff has been washed and set, the blue stuff has not, as you can see its loose photo, it’s all curly. It’s in the bath now.

Skeins and Details
Tequila Sunrise, 400 yds, worsted
Lagoon, thin green to thick blue, 281 yards

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  1. That was surprising.

    Spinning – I used to do that before I filled every available space with yarn.

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