My sockpal’s first sock is completed. Modeled here by me. My foot is an inch and a half wider than my pal’s so, if it looks a little tight and stretched.. well, it is. Use your imagination. The top view. The side view. The bottom view. Proof I’m washing it for my pal. :) And […]

Sunday, I was getting ready to comb BFL for spinning, and put a mesh basket on the bed. I hadn’t even gotten settled before Bri decided that he was moving into the basket, and that there was no way I was getting him to move out. And then, he settled right down and smugly went […]

How cool is this?

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You can make your own Opoly board. I am not sure I’d want to spend hours doing it, but it sure sounds neat if you had kids or a theme in mind to give someone. On the knitting front, I am working on some armwarmers. Cause, you know, you NEED them in June when it’s […]


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First! Knitting content. Another Log Cabin washcloth is almost done. I have started the Yoda Sweater designed by Cari. I am doing this in some Peter Pan acrylic something or other. It was Odessa 2 but I ripped it because I wanted to use it for this. And I haven’t made any more progress on […]


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So yesterday while trolling the intarwebs, I finally stumbled across Mama E’s profile. I knew that she had been making yarn and it was being named for people I knew (two of the sucky knitting girls in fact) but it just didn’t dawn on me she might be local. So, yeah, her profile says “Charm […]

Bobbing right along.

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Shmoo wore his sweater last week while it was still cool. He refused to let me take his picture in it, but it looks great on him. Something about raglan sleeves on men; it just looks right. I haven’t been knitting very much at all. Honestly, I’ve been playing warcraft. We have a patch that […]


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This is the second glass I have broken in just under 3 weeks. It was one of my favorites too! This is why our household has a plethora of plastic cups. Classy eh? Thanks to Amie (RosebyAny in the Sucky Knitting Girls Links) and her suggestion of Aran Painter, I found my afternoon sucked away […]

Project: Not a failure after all

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Ok so yesterday, I boiled that damned hat. BOILED IT. No shrinking. I washed it with a load of jeans on hot. No shrinking. Finally, in desperation, I threw it in the dryer with the jeans. At last! It shrunk right back up to it’s original size. YIPPEEE! But now I have to get the […]

Heavy Laden Branches

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To the delight of shmoo, it snowed yesterday. I took pictures for my family back home. It would seem the lovely Georgia winter in Maryland has come to an end. The trees are heavy laden with their burdens like tired old men shuffling up the drive to their doors. This was yesterday as it started […]

Live Dangerously, Don’t Swatch Hat

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Mr. Woolly models the hat. Pattern: Live Dangerously, Don’t Swatch Hat by Susan Lawrence. Yarn: Noro Silk Garden, color 225, less than one ball. Needles: Swallow Casein US sz 9 dpns, purchased from The Knitting Zone. (picture below) Modifications: None. However, I did use the k2 p2 suggested rib for the body of the hat. […]

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