17 today.

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So, I didn’t post about it last year when it happened, because I knew I would not be able to handle all any comments, despite how warm and heartfelt they would have been, but Daisy died on December 6th of last year. Her kidneys gave out on her and she let me know it was […]

First FO of the year.

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Though the cat is an undeserving bastard, I cranked this out today while watching the Packers and Lions play at the pub. Pattern is from knitty. ( http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring03/PATTdimsum.html ) I’ve also taken a bit of leftover white stockinette from where I changed up the Naughty Reindeer hat and used the sewing machine to whip up […]

So, I may have forgotten to post for September and October. I may not have realized this until it was November 2nd or so…. The new job has been been very busy brain-wise. There has just been so much new to learn that my brain is just pooped out by the time I get home […]

Seriously. It’s been a hard month. Daisy is fine btw, still some left side weakness but expected to recover fully. Her staples are out and she’s going to have a small scar, but that’s ok. It seems like you shouldn’t come through something like that without a scar. 2 feet of snow this past weekend. […]

(stay until your love is….) Sorry…. couldn’t resist Simple Minds. I’d like to have the time to post about how I feel now that I am officially in my mid-to-late 30s… (I hit 35 on black friday!) Or how I seem to be dealing with that by deciding to learn to play guitar. No idea […]

I bought some glitz. A rather lot of it. I have this nice really black Alpaca see… and it’s been in my fiber stash for over a year…. waiting on me to spin it… and when I got the carder, it occurred to me to use what I just learned in the Camp Pluckyfluff class […]

So I got an IM yesterday, and a friend (hi Pik!) told me I hadn’t posted in a while on my blog. I agreed and told him why, and was told to stop being lazy. So I’m posting! I finished my Embossed Leaves sock the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. (Yay personal goal met!) It’s ok, but […]

Last week I finally caught up to October 2001, and bought and ipod (black 80gig classic).  It’s nifty and gadgety and will be great when I have to drive further than the 4 miles it takes me to get to work.  And it should be great for the plane on vacation, at least for shmoo, […]

While doing much better, and far more responsive than she has been for the past week, I have been worried about a relapse and her lack of eating/drinking. So Princess Daisy got to visit the neighboring kingdom of Work, where she has privileged enough to sleep under my desk. I am much encouraged with her […]

Recently Amie has had some worries regarding her little fellow Trevor. And last night, Daisy had a seizure.   I am horribly worried.  But we are seeing the vet in about 2 hours, and I hope they can make her feel better and maybe tell me what is wrong. So go hug your pets and […]

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