17 today.

So, I didn’t post about it last year when it happened, because I knew I would not be able to handle all any comments, despite how warm and heartfelt they would have been, but Daisy died on December 6th of last year. Her kidneys gave out on her and she let me know it was time during the night before, so that morning we took her in and I held her until the end.

I still miss her, but today she would have been 17, so I feel like today is a good day to talk about her and the daisy tattoo I got this past July.

My girl was sassy, beautiful, and full of personality. Even as a little old lady she’d give you a bit of attitude now and then. She was the best cuddler, and most of her last year was spent laying on me or being held by me in some form or fashion. I knew it was bonus time, and I tried to be thankful for it and appreciate that she was still around.

The tattoo was done by John Garancheski III at Tattoed Heart Studios in Hanover, Maryland. The end result was a combination of my ideas, the best placement for healing, and his design work. I am super pleased with the result. The footprint of her right paw (slightly evened out for symmetry) and a daisy in the tattoo were my requirements, and I chose John because he specializes in floral/mandala tattoos in black, and I liked his body of work. The entire experience was a positive one, and I love the end result. It’s beautiful and unique.

Up Close:

Further out:

First FO of the year.

Though the cat is an undeserving bastard, I cranked this out today while watching the Packers and Lions play at the pub.
Pattern is from knitty. ( http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring03/PATTdimsum.html ) I’ve also taken a bit of leftover white stockinette from where I changed up the Naughty Reindeer hat and used the sewing machine to whip up several more. They aren’t pretty, but the cat was stealing them from me as I made them, so they must be a hit.

Oh hey, I have a blog!

So, I may have forgotten to post for September and October. I may not have realized this until it was November 2nd or so….

The new job has been been very busy brain-wise. There has just been so much new to learn that my brain is just pooped out by the time I get home at night. Not that this is a bad thing, it’s just not how it has been for several years. It’s been an adjustment, but I am starting to feel like I’ve found my feet. It doesn’t hurt that I LIKE my job. I feel challenged every day and I respect the company I work for so much. I am not used to being proud of the company for which I work. It’s a novel experience.

I only recently started creeping along at some knitting again. I’m half way done with a pair of handspun rainbow armwarmers now. But the 2nd bump of roving is still needing to be spun up the rest of the way, and I didn’t use a pattern, just kinda winged it as I went along, so we’ll see if I end up with anything close to a “pair.”

I also knocked out a dog sweater in September, but it only took a day or so and I didn’t actually finish it very well. The dog took it and started wearing it before I got the ends tied in, much less finished up the arm holes and tweaked the neckline to be more what I wanted. I don’t think it matters, she loves it, it keeps her warm, and if it ends up getting trashed, I’ll probably be ok with it. It’s made from Lamb’s Pride worsted so it’s hairing and fuzzing all over the place, but since I am not the one wearing it, I can live with that.

Speaking of Daisy, she had surgery at the end of last month to have some tumors removed and get her teeth done. She came out of it just fine, despite all my nervousness and worry, but the tumor was a Mast Cell Tumor, Grade 2. Which means, yes, it was malignant, but that the vet thinks she got all of it, since she was pretty aggressive when removing it, and now we are just observing to see what happens and she has a check up again in March.

Shmoo found out that my vet is a knitter and spinner. And then he promptly forbid her to talk about the fiber arts to me. I don’t think it will last, as I’ll just talk to her about it instead.

That’s about it for news here. Hopefully I’ll have some finished arm warmers to show off before the end of the year.

Is 2009 over yet?

Seriously. It’s been a hard month.

Daisy is fine btw, still some left side weakness but expected to recover fully. Her staples are out and she’s going to have a small scar, but that’s ok. It seems like you shouldn’t come through something like that without a scar.

2 feet of snow this past weekend. None of shmoo’s employees can manage to get their shit together and show up for work, despite knowing they are critical staff, and this is part of their hiring agreement. He was supposed to be off Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, and then cover the end of the week for one of the guys to be off with his kids for Christmas.

Instead he had to work 7pm-7am to cover the night manager who called in 6 hours before he had to be at work… and then the owner had to cover the day shift, because the girl that was supposed to be in called out last minute, because she tried to get shmoo to cover her shift and was all “what?” when told he could not because he had to work over night already. The weenie night manager then called in again, but got the other night guy to come in for him, and the other night guy called us this morning at 7am, because princess-can’t-come-to-work No Call/No Showed.

THEN!… shmoo goes out to get into his jeep and go to work to relieve the night guy… and his Jeep, it is gone. GONE. Not been towed. Oh no. One of the neighbors saw someone come take it at 2:00am. They pulled up in a Jeep Wrangler, stole our Cherokee, and left, following each other out.

THEN, after being on the phone with the police, the night manager calls shmoo to say for a THIRD NIGHT, he still can’t make it in, because his window is cracked….. CRACKED. CALLED IN 10 HOURS AHEAD OF TIME because he it was “unsafe to drive” which is total bullshit, his window had been cracked for months, and it was a 10 buck fix, and he fucked up and didn’t get it done, and now he has to live with that, and he is gonna use his fuck up to call out.

Unfortunately, he was trumped by shmoo’s jeep being stolen. Thanks for playing asshole, try again. Also, try showing up for work sometime.

So shmoo called the night guy back AND the owner to say, “this sucks, but hey, jeep stolen!” So the owner went in again today to cover the day shift.

While he was on the phone with the insurance company, the police called back to say they had found the Jeep, and did we want to save the impound fees and go get it. Why yes, yes we did. So we went way out to Bowie, (and well surprised the Jeep made it that far, it has issues!) and got it. It was still running when we got there. Apparantly when they abandoned it, they didn’t shut it off BECAUSE THEY HAD TORE OUT THE IGNITION AND SCREWED THE STEERING COLUMN. They stole another Jeep Cherokee from the place they dumped ours, and left. We drove it to our repair guy and left it. It’s a 600 dollar fix, but we have it back, and it runs. so yay, or something.

And now, shmoo is planning to work tomorrow (his final day off he was supposed to have this week) because that stupid girl STILL won’t return any calls, and even turned off her phone while he was calling her.

Apparantly the economy is fucking brilliant because none of these fuckers want to work and this one girl is just begging to be fired at this point. It’s a good damned thing I am not her manager because she would already be out and I would arranging to dock her pay for all the hours she didn’t show up from her last check. I don’t want shmoo to have to work 2 weeks straight between covering for everyone and then firing this girl, but damn, at least then we know what our plans are from day to day and don’t have to keep changing them because no one is showing up for work like they should.   We can’t even go to the grocery store because every time we have planned to do so, something else has gone nuts.

I am ready for this to be over.

Alive and Kicking

(stay until your love is….) Sorry…. couldn’t resist Simple Minds.

I’d like to have the time to post about how I feel now that I am officially in my mid-to-late 30s… (I hit 35 on black friday!)
Or how I seem to be dealing with that by deciding to learn to play guitar. No idea why other than “I WANT TO!”
Or I am getting tons of knitting done, or spinning marvelous yarns, or even spending too much time playing Warcraft.

But I don’t have time for these things. I barely have time to know what my name is it seems like. Work is crazy right now, full of clients that are stressing about deadlines that they’ve known about for over a year and only now doing something about and suddenly they don’t have enough time!!! ZOMG!..
And at home, my kitchen is a sty, I don’t have much time for anything that isn’t cooking dinner, eating dinner, doing laundry for the dog, feeding the dog, cleaning up after the dog, spending quality time with the dog, and sometimes, sleeping.

But my girl, she’s worth it, and she’s been through a lot to stay here with me, so I’ll keep my end of the deal and do my part.


I do want to add that shmoo totally loves me (and the dog too!), and he’s been great through all of it and I couldn’t ask for a better partner. I don’t think I tell him enough that he does a good job, but I do notice, and I do appreciate it. :)

Experimental Carding.

I bought some glitz. A rather lot of it. I have this nice really black Alpaca see… and it’s been in my fiber stash for over a year…. waiting on me to spin it… and when I got the carder, it occurred to me to use what I just learned in the Camp Pluckyfluff class and make myself some batts like the one I got from Loop last year.

So here’s the first glitzy alpaca bat I made. (Beside it is a batt made with the roving that is sitting on top of it, from when I was playing “get to know your carder”, and now I am thinking of doing all the remaining roving I have of that stuff in the carder as well, it makes it so light and floofy! But I also have another plan for that roving so it shall have to wait to see if the first plan sucks or not.)


And here’s how it turned out. It’s a bit rough.


And here’s the comparison shot with the Loop batt I spun last year. My sample is not near as smooth nor did it spin as fine. Some of this is because I think the Alpaca isn’t as clean as it could be. Some of this is, I believe, because I didn’t card it enough.


So here’s the next batt experiment. It is waiting to be spun up now. But I need to clear some stuff off bobbins, so it’s in the queue instead just being done.


Oh and here’s the rovings I got from the Cloverleaf Farms booth at MSW. 50/50 Merino/Silk. YUM. The blue/green stuff will be 2plied. Not sure about the green/brown, but it’s just … lovely.


Oh and here’s the skein from my rainbow locks experiment all balled up waiting to be used for something.


And I finished another sock yesterday. I am making myself a pair of Pomatomus. Because this pattern seems to move so slow, I am making a pair (or at least one) Monkey sock in between this first sock and the second. But I love how it fits, so the 2nd one is definitely getting made.


And finally, my photo taking “helper”.


*tap tap* Is this thing on?

So I got an IM yesterday, and a friend (hi Pik!) told me I hadn’t posted in a while on my blog. I agreed and told him why, and was told to stop being lazy. So I’m posting!

I finished my Embossed Leaves sock the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. (Yay personal goal met!) It’s ok, but it doesn’t THRILL me. despite the closeness in the colors of the yarn, the pattern is still obscured a bit, and it just doesn’t look like I think it should. I’ll probably not make a mate for that sock. I do want to do embossed leaves again though and actually end up with a pair. Just not right now.


Thanksgiving was also my Birthday. Yay me. I totally didn’t cook, just reheated a precooked meal from Shoppers. I was disappointed with the deli meal this year. The Turkey didn’t turn as well as it has previously, and the potatoes were blech. The gravy was ok and the stuffing was good despite looking like baby poo, but for the cost of the entire meal, it was a little disappointing. That’s ok, I am cooking for Christmas and we are getting a ham. I am sure that will make my tummy a happy camper.

I haven’t been spinning or doing much knitting at all lately. Mostly just playing warcraft in my free time with shmoo. The expansion means there’s a fuckton of stuff to do and it’s all new and different. I am sure as soon as the new wears off, I’ll slow down my playing. But until then, I am only knitting when we watch T.V.

But I cast on for a new project that I am actually excited about. It’s more than just a keep my hands busy project and I am enjoying it. I am knitting Mintyfresh’s Tapestry Cowl, and using Woolerina’s Speedy Sock in Camo-ish and Violets. (I think, I don’t know where the band is.)

I don’t know that these two colors look super great together, and may not as a brocade, but we’ll see. In the mean time, it’s soft and nice to work with and I am enjoying myself. The double knitting, it’s interesting. I’d have a picture for you but can’t find my cable, so maybe next time.

In other life notes, last night we came home to Daisy suddenly bleeding from her foot all over our carpet. She apparently ripped/chewed off one of her toenails to a little above the quick and it bleed something awful. I have been remiss in clipping her nails lately because I can’t find the clippers, but I stopped on the way to work this morning at Pet Smart and picked up a new pair. I got the ones with the styptic powder in the handle this time, because it is now very obvious to me, shmoo, and our carpet that sometimes, you just need to have some on hand. Daisy is fine btw, and her foot wasn’t bothering her so much as it was making a mess, and she just didn’t want to sit still and let me hold her while it stopped.

That’s about it really. Work is crazy, there just isn’t enough time in the day, and now I had better get back to it.

Welcome to 2001

Last week I finally caught up to October 2001, and bought and ipod (black 80gig classic).  It’s nifty and gadgety and will be great when I have to drive further than the 4 miles it takes me to get to work.  And it should be great for the plane on vacation, at least for shmoo, because he can rip our dvds on his macbook pro and convert them to a format that works on the ipod.  Hooray for viewing your own movies on the plane.  Hooray for him I mean, I’ll be knitting!


As for Daisy, she’s much better but still on her meds for another week, and then she’ll be boarded at the vet’s while we go on vacation for another blood test and just for general observation.  She’s pretty much herself again, just spoiled rotten and not wanting to eat dog food anymore. However, I have told her I won’t be making her chicken and rice anymore so she needs to eat what she has.  She sighed and walked off when I did it.

On the knitting front, both the sock and felted bag are progressing, but pretty much look the same.  I am already trying to plan my vacation knitting and keep waffling on what and how much to take.  I haven’t even begun to worry about clothes mind you, just knitting. :)

Under my desk.


While doing much better, and far more responsive than she has been for the past week, I have been worried about a relapse and her lack of eating/drinking. So Princess Daisy got to visit the neighboring kingdom of Work, where she has privileged enough to sleep under my desk.

I am much encouraged with her attentiveness to her surroundings, and the people I work with. She’s acting more like herself.

Furbaby Worries.

Recently Amie has had some worries regarding her little fellow Trevor.

And last night, Daisy had a seizure.   I am horribly worried.  But we are seeing the vet in about 2 hours, and I hope they can make her feel better and maybe tell me what is wrong.

So go hug your pets and tell them that you love them!