Some Baseball Spinning

So I’ve been spinning while watching baseball lately, mostly on the weekends, as weeknights it’s generally when we eat dinner, but still, spinning!

I’ve cleaned a few things off my bobbins by finishing up 2 spinning projects that have been going off an on for a few years now.
If you’re like me, you’re mostly just here for the photos, and I have put the pertinent details on the photos (click to embiggen if the writing is too small!), so I won’t repeat them here.

The pink stuff has been washed and set, the blue stuff has not, as you can see its loose photo, it’s all curly. It’s in the bath now.

Skeins and Details
Tequila Sunrise, 400 yds, worsted
Lagoon, thin green to thick blue, 281 yards

Online Sheep and Wool.

This year MSW hit the same time it always does… the first full weekend in May.
The problem with that of course, was I was still pretty tired from the tonsil surgery, and we had Senators/Baysox games Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and I knew I would not be up to all 3 games and MSW.

So instead I had a mini woolfest of my own online! It took several weeks to get all the items in as some were on back order, and now I can’t be bothered to take photos of them because I put them away as I got them, but I’m still going to list and link them here for you to pursue if interested.

First I picked up the pattern and a yarn kit for The Joker and the Thief Shawl. I got color option #3, Bloom.

I also picked up 3 skeins of Madeline Tosh Merino Light in Stovepipe and Rozetti Wicked Fur Yarn in #104 Zebra from Paradise Fibers, which is now in the process of becoming a Bolting, the pattern for which I bought a few years ago and just never made. This particular yarn combo was inspired by this version I found on Ravelry.

I stumbled across bone dpns as well on the Fringe Supply Co. website and ordered a pair of US size 4s along with a Etta-Billie Skin Balm in Bergamot-Ginger.

And no MSW would be complete with out some sort of purchase from Signature Needle Arts. Since I wasn’t going to be there to find them in the main barn, I found them online and picked up a pair if US 5 dpns.

And that is the sum total of my Online Sheep and Wool fest. :)
Tomorrow Tour de Fleece is starting up, and I am still undecided on how much I am going to participate, but I am least going to try and get in an hour or so for the first day. After that, no promises!

MSW 2014

Another year, another Maryland Sheep and Wool.

I picked up all the fiber below as well as two bobbins for my Wooly Winder.


The stuff on the right is heaven. Naturally Chocolate colored Alpaca and Silk (70/30) and it’s heaven to touch and spin. I had some gray two years ago, and last year she (Gales’s Art) didn’t have any when I got there, so this year I snatched up 5 braids. (Seriously, snatched. The girl behind me ended up buying 2 because she heard me say I was tempted to just clean them out and take it all.) It’s very reasonably priced and just fabulous to touch. I am thinking a nice two ply to make a shawl with once I get it all spun up. But as I have several spinning projects to finish up first, it will be a while off.

The state of things June 2013

So last month was MSW, and I bought some stuff. Not a TON of stuff, but certainly enough when combined with what I already had that I am really quite good for a while.

Right now I am spinning on the lovely gradient blended batts I got from Caroline’s Etsy shop.


But I’ve decide not to buy any more fiber until I’ve manage to spin up what’s pictured in this basket here, because really, it’s a lot. AND I still have 4+1+4.5 lbs of fleeces to spin and 2 alpaca fleeces to card and spin. One chocolate and one dark gray. So really, I have no business buying any more fiber. For reals.


Knitwise I am currently working on two things, which I am fixing to drop for a third, but we’ll come to that shortly.

I am knitting an Entrelac Shawl with Tassles in Noro Taiyo colorway 1.


I am also working on an All the Shades of Truth in greens.


And finally, I’ve recently gotten a fitbit flex and I HATE the wrist thing it comes in so I am just going to knit a wristband to hold that little bastard instead. It’s probably not fitbit’s fault mind you. I don’t wear a watch and haven’t in many years because I don’t like non-fabric things touching my skin especially when there is a possibility I might sweat, so I am going to knit up a wristy holder for it in some nice handspun alpaca and see if that resolves how irritated I am with the thing. Who doesn’t like handspun naturally beautiful gray alpaca? Surely this will be great!

That’s it! You’re all caught up. Maybe more spinning results next time, especially if Tour de France/Fleece is soon like I think it is…..

Let’s play Catch-up.

Ok, as mentioned in my Thanksgiving Recipe post, I’ve had a perfectly good reason for not posting the majority of this year.
I needed to move web-servers. We kept saying we were going to do it soon and then not doing it, and because it was going to happen “SOON” I didn’t want to add anything that would alter the backups we had already made. Never-mind that of course when we went to move the site, the first step was to take brand new backups.
Regardless, it is done now, so I should be back to posting with semi-regularity, aka, about once a month if prior habit still holds true.
I have broken this post into different sections below so you can just go to the sections you are interested in and skip the part you could care less about.
It’s a long-winded ride, so settle in!


I am no longer with bluehost. That felt so good, let me say it again. I am not longer with bluehost!! I am no longer paying anyone for a shitty shared hosting platform. My site is on my very own server in shmoo’s data center. We have complete and total control.
All back end work is being handled by us with him doing most of the SysAdmin heavy lifting since he got to choose the OS. We bought the server at the beginning of the year, got it up and running early February and have generally only used it as a Minecraft server ever since. Mind you, Minecraft was not the intent for the server, but it has worked out nicely to use it as such. I have migrated my WordPress and Gallery installations over finally this weekend, and made sure that they are up and working correctly.

Part of this migration involved upgrading Gallery2 to Gallery3, and this has killed the plugin that worked for using Gallery photos in my blog, which makes me sad, because I loved it and it’s silly to put the same photos in two places on the server, and now I have to go back to using full links again if I don’t wish to do this. While this doesn’t make me happy, it is liveable. I don’t care for any of the Gallery3 themes, but overall it’s still the best photo gallery software out there, so I’m still using it. What I won’t be doing is going back and fixing any of the links that worked with the WPG2 plugin. I used it for years, and I just don’t care that much about fixing it.

Blog-wise I am using a theme I used several years ago that really isn’t widget compatible. Well it is for the left column, but not the right, and I can’t figure out why, and after a few hour I just gave up and fixed the right column without widgets. I’ll likely be looking into other themes later, but for now, I don’t cringe at the thought of this one and thus it shall remain. I always quite liked this theme, I just moved on because I liked widgets more.


I went to MSW and bought a bunch of stuff.

I did Tour de Fleece this year and spun 40 ozs of fiber, but haven’t done much spinning since. Nothing really of note at any rate.

I did take Felicia Lo’s Craftsy class on Spinning with color, and found it quite useful. I wish I had taken it a month or two before TdF so that I could have planned out some of the techniques to try during that time. Also, Craftsy is pretty awesome. If you like taking classes on your own schedule, at home, in your pajamas, without other people… it’s totally the way to go. Pretty affordable too and they have sales every so often too.


Since the Dim Sum, I have knit a new Nalgene Cosy in broken rib.

The Misogyny Networks Mankini Top

Made with the finest acrylics money can buy!! This fabulous fun fur and fuzzy yarn creation filled me with a dirty shame.
It was so bad that shmoo said my knitting license should be revoked, and he didn’t even have to wear it.
Regardless it was perfect for its intent and I was happy to compromise my knitting standards to help make a point in my industry.
Sometimes you have to take one for team….

A Pair of Campout Mitts for my Nana.

Mod was adding the extra i-cord at the bottom.
The gray is Alpaca and the pink is the same stuff the nalgene cosy and tea pot cosy were made of. I am finally almost out of that yarn. ALMOST!

A Pair of Campfire Mitts for myself.
I still need to take a photo of these, or wrangle shmoo into doing so while I wear them. Maybe next week!
Made these with the two Rainbow yarn bumps I spun up.
I had finished one armwarmer at the end of last year. It got ripped when I changed from the made up as I went along pattern to Campout Mitts.
Made them longer and added a band of garter stitch at the bottom.

I’ve been working on an Entrelac Infinity Scarf for my aunt. She’s been waiting about 3 years for me to make something with this yarn, and I am about half done with it.
Hopefully I’ll wrap it up before 3 more years go by.

I’ve also started a cocoon thing for the cat, but it’s crochet using random scrap yarns. It might end up horribly ugly. It probably will be. If he likes it, he won’t care, and neither will I. If he doesn’t like it, the dog will.


Daisy and Bri are both fine.

Daisy had another spine/neck disc rupture this spring but seems to be ok and able to live with it. She’s old and has a more limited mobility than she used to but over all is still a happy healthy dog. We took her to Florida this year with us, and for a dog who absolutely hates water, she absolutely loves the beach and St. George Island. Even shmoo noticed how much she liked it there. We took her with us on our morning walks, and she wasn’t interested in touching any little bit of the surf AT ALL, but she would every now and then and not totally panic. Mostly she loved the warmth on her old bones, the sand itself, and the interesting smells.
A very content beach going Daisy

Bri is doing well. Evil as always. He’s gone to a meat twice a day diet and I am the one that feeds him. I am less worried he might kill me in my sleep and he has stopped peeing on my things, or rather, only on my things. Now when he gets mad at us, either of us might suffer the wrath. I am OK with this because I no longer feel targeted by him. Shmoo is less pleased, especially when I get to point and laugh at him.


Work is good. Always busy, always a challenge but I am happy.
I have stopped doing Letter Exchanges because I am a bad pen-pal and haven’t written a letter to anyone since I got sick back at the end of January from shmoocon. I was sick for over a month, ended up missing a week of work total, and did 3 different rounds of drugs. It was awesome, if by awesome I mean, totally sucked.
Facebook and G+ still suck.
Twitter is still my social network of choice.
I broke my Kindle3 keyboard and had to get a new one, just in time for the Paperwhite. I love it other than really missing the side keys for advancing the page quickly.
The game FTL is awesome.
We still aren’t playing WoW, though we have started playing GuildWars2 since they came out with a Mac client.
It’s not as fun as WoW but it doesn’t have a monthly sub price so I don’t much care.
Minecraft has replaced WoW for me for the most part. It’s the game I spend the most time in, and I like to see the things others have built.

That’s it, you’re all caught up!

April in Summary

So, April is almost over, so I figured I should post.

I’ve spun a little.
I’ve knit a little.
I’ve grown seeds into seedlings and then had the birds eat them after I put them in their permanent pots and decided that I wasn’t going to have bird feeders on the porch anymore during spring and summer.

So I’m letting some of the back up seedlings grow a bit more and and I’ll try putting them in the big pots again, and hopefully this time, in a few months I’ll have tomatoes instead in a few days the birds eating them all.

Spinning Image.

First, the spinning photo I am overdue for.


From left to right… 4oz Sakina Needles BFL, A batt I got from Caroline(WoolForBrains)’s Etsy shop, 4oz Cloverleaf Farms Merino/Silk 80/20 I got at MDSW 3 years ago. (It has a bright pink and purple hank of yarn waiting to do colorwork with it once I settle on a project. Can’t decide between socks and cowl.) And my best attempt so far at copying my results from that Loop Iridescence batt I got and spun. The knitting bit at the top is where I did a huge mega swatch of those dyed locks I used as my first carder project. I am thinking it will end up being a dog sweater.


Second, two weeks ago we got a new bed. A KING SIZED ONE! And it’s awesome. There is now room for shmoo and myself as well as the animals when they decide to join us and I don’t end up waking up wishing I’d chosen to sleep on the floor because at least then I’d have some room. It’s an Ikea Hemnes bed, which matches my dresser and the wardrobe I have in the craft room, and our side tables too kinda, except they aren’t Hemnes. We got a foam mattress and the slats. And the instructions for how to put the slats together are inefficient at best. I did much better the 2nd set doing them my own way. Also, don’t listen to how they tell you to do the bedamned metal supports on the bed either. Do them from side to side xing each other under the support part and you’ll be way happier when your slats don’t keep falling out because the sides of the bed just bowed out when you sat your fat ass down on the bed.

Finally, still no pics of my Clapotis. It’s at work now, where mostly it hangs on the back of my chair, and I can use it when I get cold. And it’s exactly what I wanted it for and it’s perfect. I’ll try to remember to take my camera to work so I can get a decent photo of it.

Oh! And I cast on for Calla and hope to have it done in time for when we go on vacation in October. And that it fits. We’ll have to see on both accounts. I noticed the instructions called for size 5, 6, and 7 needles and has you cast on with the 5s, but never says to switch to another size… or if it does, I’ve missed it in the numerous times I have read over the pattern looking for it.


So while not posting, I have been knitting.
I finally finished up Flore, in the Red Pepper colorway.


It’s a fiddly knit. Not overly taxing, but fiddly in the doing and fiddly in the finishing. It is very cute however, and something I’ve wanted to knit since before I knew how to knit at all. As soon as it’s dry, it’s going to go overseas to await a kiddo that is due soon.

The pattern was fine, but I didn’t like yarn. (Takhi Cotton Classic DK I believe) This doesn’t surprise me as I generally don’t like to knit with 100% cottons. I am well pleased with how the hat turned out in the end however, and am considering making a second in a wool or wool blend.

I’ve been spinning too. I ordered some stuff from Paradise Fibers. One of the stuffs I ordered was some of Ashland Bay’s Rainbow Firestar glitz.
You can see below one of the pre rainbow glitz batts on the left and in the middle and on the right you can see Rainbow Firestar. It turned out lovely and more like what I was seeking to match. I’ve already spun it up and plied it as well, but that will have to be another post.


I got a new camera strap to help me keep track of it, and it’s lovely. I got it from Phat Straps Etsy shop.


It’s quite cute, sturdy, and I like it. I do think I should make a padded velcro sleeve for the camera itself now though, but I’ll have to see if I can find a good fabric match first.

I also spun up a few other things, but not all are quite skeined up yet, so that will have to wait.

Oh and I made some catnip mice for Bri a few weeks ago. The smallest one is MIA but the medium and large one are pictured below. They have been well loved already, and continue to be played with each day, so I consider them a success.


Last week’s photos

Ok so I ordered a new charger and new batteries from Amazon and they finally arrived.
Here are the pictures from last week. I apologize in advance for not matching the creativeness of your imaginations!
If the images appear blurry in the post that’s my fault btw… the watermarking thing screws with them, I have turned it off now, but it does not retroactively remove the watermark, so click through for non blurry pics if you are interested.



Rosemary, Lavender, and Sage
Rosemary, Lavender, and Sage

Basil and Parsley
Basil and Parsely. Unfortunately, the cilantro didn’t make it. It finally gave up this past week. However, I have some pineapple mint waiting in a little pot to go into that slot.

Mints and Morning Glories
Mints and Morning Glories
Macroed Morning Glory
Macroed Morning Glory
Mr. Stripey Tomato
Mr. Stripey Tomato



jeans skirt

And for Helena, the tutorial I read before doing my skirt is here:

Next week, if all goes according to plan, I should have some nice shots of the birds at the feeder, since I am setting up the tripod in the kitchen to furtively takes lots of photos of them whilst they eat.

Experimental Carding.

I bought some glitz. A rather lot of it. I have this nice really black Alpaca see… and it’s been in my fiber stash for over a year…. waiting on me to spin it… and when I got the carder, it occurred to me to use what I just learned in the Camp Pluckyfluff class and make myself some batts like the one I got from Loop last year.

So here’s the first glitzy alpaca bat I made. (Beside it is a batt made with the roving that is sitting on top of it, from when I was playing “get to know your carder”, and now I am thinking of doing all the remaining roving I have of that stuff in the carder as well, it makes it so light and floofy! But I also have another plan for that roving so it shall have to wait to see if the first plan sucks or not.)


And here’s how it turned out. It’s a bit rough.


And here’s the comparison shot with the Loop batt I spun last year. My sample is not near as smooth nor did it spin as fine. Some of this is because I think the Alpaca isn’t as clean as it could be. Some of this is, I believe, because I didn’t card it enough.


So here’s the next batt experiment. It is waiting to be spun up now. But I need to clear some stuff off bobbins, so it’s in the queue instead just being done.


Oh and here’s the rovings I got from the Cloverleaf Farms booth at MSW. 50/50 Merino/Silk. YUM. The blue/green stuff will be 2plied. Not sure about the green/brown, but it’s just … lovely.


Oh and here’s the skein from my rainbow locks experiment all balled up waiting to be used for something.


And I finished another sock yesterday. I am making myself a pair of Pomatomus. Because this pattern seems to move so slow, I am making a pair (or at least one) Monkey sock in between this first sock and the second. But I love how it fits, so the 2nd one is definitely getting made.


And finally, my photo taking “helper”.