So I need to learn how to knit lace because I want to make Rowan 37’s Butterfly. I want to get married in it. Mind you, there is not a date set for this wedding, nor is there even the request of my presence at the altar yet, but I figure that those thing will come with time, and I certainly need the time to make the dress. The dress is done in Kidsilk Haze, and I think I want to use the color Grace. Not positive about this however because on some sites it looks pink (ew) and some it looks faintly lavendar (yes!). Obviously this will entail a trip to a real yarn store to find out for sure.

In the meantime however, there is the Mystery Shawl 2 KAL. I am using cheap-ass red heart acrylic, in Blue Ocean (I think!), and US sz 8 needles. I am not after the “lace” look. I am after the knowledge that creating this piece will give me. I plan on doing this shawl again after I complete it in the cheap worsted. The second one will be done with proper lace yarn after I learn not to lose my place on the chart and cry and tink it back and cuss and then go again.

Clue 3 comes out today. I am not yet done with clue 2. But I started a week late and I am almost done with it. Below is clue 1 completed.

It’s not light, nor airy, nor full of grace. The yarn splits, and there is no delicacy to it at all. It is however, teaching me a lot.

Culling the herd.

There comes a time when you have to say goodbye to the ones you love….

I am getting ready to move to Maryland next month. Among the tons of books and computer equipment and soap making supplies…. I have my stash. My beautiful beautiful stash! And tonight I went thru it all and decided what to give away. Some of it hurt. But I keep telling myself it’s going to a good home.

One of the women I work with has a little old lady at her church who makes afghans for every baby that is born in that church. I am sending most of my random yarn collection to this woman. I don’t know if she will weep in pain at the eyesores I am sending her way, or dance and be happy for the multitude of odds and ends she is getting. I hope she doesn’t cry.

What is left is this. All the stuff on the top is mostly acrylic. It was good enough for my great granny, and sometimes, it’s good enough for me. I have landscapes, and sassy stripes. I have homespun, and thick chenille. The top shelf is varied in colors. With the blues that I choose and the naturals my honey likes. And of course the colors of Gryffindor for my little brother’s hat and scarf. The hat is done, the scarf may never be.

The bottom shelf has the good stuff. The cottons that I like for various things, but mostly hand knit or crocheted washcloths. The cotton chenilles that make the best washcloths ever. The wools, and the hand painted cottons. The Stork yarn in red that I will be using to make Marnie Maclean’s Pismo hat, with a bit of a twist. It will be a Team Zissou hat when I am done. And then there is the hand painted cotton chenille that is a twisted horror of a skein that I am still not done unraveling. I am not sure what it will be used for, but I love the colors and texture. Perhaps it too will be washcloths in the end. But if so, they’ll be nice ones!