Slow and steady?

It occurs to me that I am a rather slow knitter. I realize this could be because I haven’t been doing it that long, but regardless…. SLOW. It takes me a approximately 15 minutes to complete a row on the ribbing part of my shrug. There are 6 rows to an inch and I am doing 12 inches on each side. So that’s 72 rows per end. 1080 minutes for each side. Which comes to 18 hours. Just for one side of ribbing. So I will have about 36 hours of knitting in just the ribbing. I have no idea how long the feather and fan section will take. It’s less stitches but I have to pay attention to the pattern. I don’t think I will have this finished before I move. Nowhere close.

And I realized the other day that I was doing the YO on my purl stitches backwards. It doesn’t make a difference in how it looks, but it does make a difference in how it sits on the needles. So now I have to concentrate on wrapping counter clockwise. It’s getting easier. Bit by bit.

Shrug it off.

So my wool came in. All Knit Picks of course. This is my first time ordering from them but I like the yarn. Shadow lace yarn in Lost lake. Wool of the Andes in Hyacinth and Chambray. The wool of the Andes will become my craftster shrug.

So then I finally got home and did a baby swatch on my size 8’s. It came out to just a touch over 5 stitches per inch. I decided to do the measurements as if it were 5 exactly.

So then I did the planning and used my meager math skills. My drawing skills really aren’t that hot either, but you get the gist.

And then I cast on. I started out with straight size 8s and after casting on and setting up the first two rows I switched to my size 7 addis, for both ease of use and to trim down my gauge a tiny bit.

The great white north (OK, Maryland) will NOT defeat me! I will be warm in my craftster shrug!


My wool from knitpicks came in while I was gone! Yay!
AND Heather is mailing my Jayne Cobb hat kit today as well.
I gave my notice at work, so now I just have 3 weeks of chaos and I am done.
Life feels pretty good today.

Mug Shots.

Today I went to visit my Mom, Stepfather, and brother. I kissed my brother and told him he wasn’t allowed to scare me like that anymore. I gave him shmoo’s message of “Hey, once you learn how to drive, you can come visit us in Maryland.” He grinned at the message, so I think the humor it was said in was appreciated. I could be wrong. I’m just his sister.

We went to the 41st Annual Chiaha Craft Fair. It was ok. There were only two homemade soap vendors there. One’s booth was just ok. The other one had it going on. She had vision. About both her product and the way it was represented. I was impressed. I have no idea if her soap was impressive however, because I didn’t really look to closely at it. The packaging was drool worthy. If I didn’t make my own stuff, I surely would have bought from her. And she had cinnamon flavor lipbalm. That is intriguing, perhaps I will try it some time.

There were several, and by several I mean MANY, pottery booths. I bought two mugs for the new household. I paid $10.00 a piece for them. This is funny because just 3 days ago I gave shmoo total shit for being willing to pay $12.00 for pottery mugs. I pointed out the Ikea mugs that were only .50 cents and said it was ridiculous to pay $12.00 for something to drink coffee from. I called him to let him know I had bought them and he could mock me. These are the mugs.

My stepfather also gave me two ceramic mugs. The guy that made them has some stuff in the Smithsonian, so he’s apparently famous. I can’t read his name from the bottom, so I shall remain unenlightened as to his greatness. They are nice mugs. Here is a picture of one of them.
And finally, because you know, this post just hasn’t been near long enough… My mom gave me a ceramic sea turtle for my birthday. She went ahead and gave it to me since I will be gone when my birthday gets here. I think I will try to rework the soap website logo, when I reopen it, to include my new turtle friend. P.S. I just added the verification for comments. I got tired of editing the comments for hot dates and pr0n. I hope it’s not too much of a pain for any legitimate readers who wish to say something.

Pictures from the North.

This is the coast guard ship near the Baltimore Aquarium. And the other picture is the same area. It’s just the back of the shops. They look like they are old shipping warehouses to me. I just like the brick.

Towns with water are appealing to me. Perhaps because I have been so land-locked all my life. I like the way Balitmore “felt” and I thought it was a pretty city as well. Despite the cold. I never think of Atlanta as pretty so perhaps it won’t be so bad. It was a little on the cool side to me however. And now I have come home to a cold snap in Atlanta. Hopefully it won’t last my remaining 3 and a half weeks here.

My yarn now resides here. In it’s Ikea hanging bag, next to the Ikea bookshelf. If the cat doesn’t decide it’s a toy, (Bad Bri! No!) then it shall be a great thing. I have enough hanging cubbies to sort out the yarn and space to add more, but not too much, so the stash should stay well under control. I hope.

I have worked a little more on my mystery shawl and am almost finished with clue 2. Clue 4 came out while I was in Maryland and from the amount of emails in my box when I came home, it looks like people are pissing themselves. This might turn out to be a little too hard for me. I plan to continue on with it however, as best I can. Even if it’s a massive failure, it was cheap yarn and good practice. Also, I have no other current projects available so if I want to knit, it must be that.

Today I am going to a craft show with my mom. And possibly my little brother. He was in a very bad car accident while I was out of town, and has to be watched closely the next couple of weeks. I knew that it would be hard to be so far away from my family if something bad happens. It was just as hard as I thought it would be. Luckily, he turned out not to need emergency brain surgery and appears to be recovering nicely. Now I get to go scold him for scaring the hell out of me.

And finally, I miss shmoo.

Home again, home again,jiggety-jig.

Except it doesn’t really feel like home anymore. Mostly it’s the place I keep all my crap. The apartment in Maryland is home now and I am feeling a little displaced at the moment.

We had a good couple of days. I met people and had a good look around. We did stuff in the apt. Hooray for Ikea. I had never been there before. I really liked it. We have a monstrous bookshelf and we’ll probably end up getting another. We found storage solutions and things we want to buy in the future. I look forward to settling in and getting everything nice and homey.

I have decided when my last day at work will be.
I have decided when exactly we are moving me.
I have the time I need to pack.
I want to be there now.

Pictures in the morning. Tonight I am too tired.

Now Calling…

DELTA Flight 5795 to Baltimore Washington International Airport. Woot! Going to spend a few days with shmoo and check out the area before I haul all my junk up there. I have a lot of junk.

I finished Josh’s hat. It being black doens’t really help much with photo quality. But that doesn’t really matter much. It’s a hat.

And this is my walmart sweater. I bought it about a year ago for $12.95. It’s acrylic. It has a zipper that can be unzipped from the top or bottom. It has cables and a bit of ribbing around the edges. It also has a hood, which you can’t really see in this picture. I freaking love this sweater! It is disturbing how much I care for this sweater. I feel like as much as I love it, it should have been hand made. My goal is to make myself a sweater I love just as much. One day. I’ll start with that shrug once my knitpicks yarn gets here. And then one day I’ll feel knitter enough to replace my beloved walmart sweater.

I hope you all have a fabulous rest of the week. I know I shall. Back on Sunday with random Baltimore Aquarium pics. I have a thing about taking pictures of fish. Don’t ask, just humor me.

Bagels and Guilt.

As I sit here eating my bagel and cream cheese this morning… Joshua’s unfinished hat is staring up at me. Trying to make me feel guilty. I mean, YES! I should be done with it already, it’s just some decreases and finishing, but I am not. Perhaps I will take it to work today and finish the hat on my lunch break. That would silence the guilt!

Knitpicks sent out my yarn order yesterday… YAY!

I have not heard if my Jayne Brown Hat kit has been mailed so I am guessing it has not. It’s a shame too, ideally I would have it today so that when I finish the current hat I would have a nice new project to occupy me on the plane. I guess I better find a new book. Or maybe just reread an old one.

I hate flying. I don’t mind the airports, or the waiting. I am not claustrophobic and I don’t think I am going to die. I just get really nauseated. Every movement of the plane makes my skin turn that wonderful shade of Kermit Green. And Kermit was right. It’s not easy being green.

My head hurts…

My head hurts this morning. I don’t want to be at work. It’s getting colder too. I don’t like the cold. WHY am I moving to Maryland if I don’t like the cold? A boy. That elusive and magical creature that makes all women do things they swore they would never do. (Move anywhere north of Atlanta, get married, have babies, etc)

It’s like catching a unicorn and then having a find a place to stable it. You want the unicorn, you cherish and love the unicorn, but getting things worked out so you can keep the unicorn, well.. that’s work.

I left Josh’s hat at home so I can’t even do stress relief knitting today. I didn’t knit on it at all yesterday. I should be done with it. But no. In fact I didn’t knit at all yesterday. I did more cleaning and “am I keeping this? really?” sorting. Sadly once I finish this hat, I’ll no knitting but the Mystery Shawl. The one I am doing in cheap acrylic just to learn. Hopefully my yarn orders will get here soon so I can go back to having multiple WIPs to rotate between.

I’ve been a bad bad girl….

Ok so I didn’t finish that black hat for my brother. I am on the decreases at the crown but he decided he had to go and couldn’t hang out any longer. That’s ok. We had a good day.

I still haven’t made soap this weekend. I may not after all. I brought work home because I am out next week and I needed the peace and quiet to think about how the customers messed up their EDI so I can submit changes to mapping, OR tell the customer what data they left out, and what data they should have never put in.

I did go thru all my stuff in the bathroom. Turns out, I am throwing most of it away and that it will all fit into one box after all. Woot. I also packed up all of my stash, except the hat and lace projects, and all of my books/magazines and made them fit into my larger suitcase. Managed to get my needles in there too. I am taking it with me Wednesday so I don’t have to move it later.

Ok, so before you gasp and pass out at the idea of having neither stash nor needles nor books….I ordered a Jayne Cobb Hat kit from one of my fellow craftsters. Shmoo’s best friend loved Firefly, and he’s getting a hat for Christmas. I kept the size needles I will need for that.

I also have 16 skeins coming from knitpicks. 4 skeins of Shadow in a green color called Lost Lake. Also, 12 skeins of Wool of the Andes. 6 in hyacinth and 6 in chambray. The green is for a lace version of the MysteryShawl2 KAL. The blues are for the Craftster Shrug that has developed on this thread. I have decided on the dark blue for the ribbing; the light blue for the body, in feather and fan stitch. I also plan on light blue long sleeves with dark blue cables that are a bit circular, stacked so there are three. All three lines won’t go all the way down the arms. Mostly because as I have to decrease I will run out of cable pattern room, and I don’t want big blousey sleeves. I figure by the time I have this shrug done I will have completed my move to Maryland and have desperate need of it. Actually, by the time I finish it, it might be next spring….

So I have packed my stash but have more coming. It’ll be like.. a baby stash! An offshoot of the parent stash that is waiting patiently to be joined with the masses of other yarns I have.

I hope I like the Wool of the Andes a lot because it’s pretty cheap, and it’s actual 100% wool. I would hate for it to make me itchy however. That would make me sad.

Should I get the black hat finished up today I will throw it up for viewing.